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Epcot (General Discussion)

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So I was able to do things like Journey of Water and see the finished Plaza Gardens today now that I got an AP again. Overall JoW is a nice little area, kids seem to be having fun. I appreciate it having the edutainment spin with the theme being the water cycle just as much as Moana.

The Plaza Gardens are very well done with lots of little places to sit incorporated in. I imagine in the cooler months in Florida that the gardens could be a lovely place to come and just relax, but certainly not on a blazing hot florida day like today.

I was able to get a VQ for GotG at 1PM that we returned at 5PM for. I hadn't been on the ride since shortly after opening and I really forgot a lot about the ride not having been on it and it pleasantly surprised me. I forgot how smooth it is and how it sort of feels your floating on a cloud (I can't really describe it better) while hitting the turns. It definitely hits most of the notes of Space Mountain, but I quite enjoy it.

Didn't stay to see Luminous so haven't seen that yet.
That looks bad, like something you'd find in a 1990s mall food court. Fine in that context, but not here.

And why remove the trees? There has never been a scenario where I've ever thought that fewer/no trees looked better than more trees.
My hope is that it's temporary until they finish all of the construction work in the area. They've been replanting several trees throughout the park (a lot in World Celebration/Whatever), so probably a part of that effort as well.
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My assumption is that, being a festival center, they're going to swap various things inside during festivals.

The stage and outdoor queue for the character thing are jokes though.

I started to go down this road when there was some discussion around things missing from Galaxy's Edge, and I've mentioned it before, but a really serious issue with WDI right now is the difference between what they draw to convince executives to sign off on a project and what they actually end up building. We've been spared of the consequences of this doozy:


But the tree on top of Tiana's... this festival center... you can tell they made the Polynesian DVC building look better by drawing it from the angle of having palm trees between you and the building... and it's not budgets getting cut, it's WDI being given a budget that they agree to and then coming back to ask for more because they blew it or couldn't actually do something.

Compare that to Universal, which seems to build exactly what they draw.