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Family Trip

Scott W.

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Feb 26, 2014
So, admittedly not a Uni trip but how was your trip @Scott W. ?

I ended up in Dubai, was scorching but a good trip nonetheless.
Besides the scummy flights, it was great. Just felt good to get away. A very lazy trip by normal standards but after 18 months, a change of scenery was perfect.

Dubai looks like a good trip.

Currently, getting ready to book the flights for this family trip. Looking like early June next year. Not sure what to do about my cancelled flights. Might get a few annual passes and go to Orlando in January for a week but we'll see.
Aug 1, 2018
I've rescheduled 8 days in Feb to Uni and taking extended family who've never been so really looking forward to it. Not a time of year I've been so it'll be interesting crowd level/weather wise.

As you say, it was just good to get back to some form of normal again
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Oct 15, 2021
My family and I also like to travel. Now that our daughter is already 6, we finally decided on a long flight to Australia this summer. It was a magical journey. Alice loves toy koalas and when she saw a live koala, she was indescribably delighted! We rented a house on on and every evening we enjoyed the cool ocean water . I also want to say that Australia has really amazingly beautiful natural landscapes. It's just breathtaking. Therefore, I strongly advise you to visit this continent with your family.
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Scott W.

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Feb 26, 2014
To give an idea of how weird the pricing is just now.

I usually book everything separate as it's often cheaper but I figured I would have a look at a package and if things get cancelled again, it's only 1 phone call to cancel everything.

I was looking at 16 days staying only at Cabana Bay.

For an additional £1900, I got:
17 days
Staying at Pop Century for 8 days with $1000 Disney credit ($900 dining and $100 gift card)
6x 14 day Disney park tickets
Staying at Cabana Bay for 9 days (With free parking, late check out, welcome drink and free rubber ring for the lazy river)
A 7 seater minivan with a free tank of gas, GPS, car seat and 3 additional drivers.

Here's how much the same car would cost on it's own:
car hire.JPG


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Apr 1, 2013
Still over $300 a day so if they don't mind riding in the back of a pickup I'm in.

(glad you found a better deal than that though)
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