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Favorite Facades at Horror Nights - Hollywood


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Jun 6, 2016

Halloween Hell Comes to Haddonfield ('16)
Krampus ('16)
Freddy Vs Jason ('16)
Trick 'r Treat ('18)
Ghostbusters ('19)

(Just because I thought the facade is fantastic doesn't mean I liked the maze.)

My Top 5 Facades in no particular order. What's yours?


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Nov 23, 2013
1.) TWD 2012 (The way they had to press closer to the ampitheater at the time, alongside the actor outside and close in the van, is really great).
2.) Us (Perhaps the most accurate, because of how easy it is to transplant. This facade, in it's quality of the paneling, alongside the ambient audio of Red speaking, the shoreline sounds, and the rendition of I Got 5 on It, is outstanding)
3.) Ghostbusters (That Firehouse facade. Nuff said, that's an instant win for me, but not enough for Top 2).
4.) La Llorona (Echoing Ghostbusters, but also Us, I really like how they used the small space of Shrek's queue to their advantage, with the outstanding church facade butted close to the queue. It adds a really good and foreboding feeling.
5.) Killer Klowns (This entire facade, with the pre-show with the groundskeeper, is amazing.)

Honorable mentions is House of 1,000 Corpses (2010), Holidayz in Hell (2019), Pandora's Box (2019), and Alice Cooper Goes to Hell (2012). I am definitely not bias that I think T2/DMMM is a perfect venue when properly used.