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Fine dining


Nov 27, 2016
Hi there,

My husband and I are planning a trip to USH this July. It will be our 20th wedding anniversary, so we wanted to go to a fine dining restaurant for that one night of our anniversary since it's a milestone number. Are there any fine dining/fancy schmacy restaurants close to or within the USH? I didn't find anything when I researched the site or other places online.

Chris Galindo

Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2015
The Nice Guy in Hollywood is usually an above casual/ nice, reservation-only restaurant in Hollywood that I would recommend. If you don't mind traveling a bit Downtown LA has a nice rooftop French restaurant called The Perch I highly recommend for the occasion. Comes with a beautiful view of Downtown as well. 

Not sure if anyone else has any suggestions
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Jon Fu

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Staff member
Jul 26, 2010
The most up-scale restaurant at Universal would have to be Karl Strauss, which is fine. If you're open to downtown Los Angeles, you'll have a bunch of more options as Chris suggested, but I'm not sure if you're willing to make the commute. 

Going further south can get dicey if you hit rush hour.
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Contributing Member
Jun 17, 2013
Ouch! I think you're right. Strauss is the most upscale restaurant at Universal.

Near by there is La Loggia (Italian) and Bistro Garden (French). While not really upscale, Micelli's is nice.

The Cleo Hollywood is upscale. I love old school Musso and Franks on Hollywood Blvd. You really want to spend some money go to BOA Steakhouse on Sunset. Excellent service, great food. I go to Oliver's Prime Steakhouse for special occasions.
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Mar 8, 2016
Burbank, Ca.
Ca Del Sole is a good option, it's outside the park but it's very close.

There are more options in Toluca Lake, if you want to stay somewhat close.  

These are some of my favorite places to eat in that area.  The sushi at Yuzu, is delicious, some of the best I have ever had.


Feb 17, 2016
Burbank is nearby and has many restaurant options.  

Maybe one of the closer ones to Universal would be the Smoke House on Barham/Olive, which also has a lot of Hollywood history and would fit well after a day at Universal.  After exiting the park you just turn left on Cahuenga heading southeast and then turn again on Barham to go North towards Burbank.  Follow the curve around and when Barham turns into Olive after the river, The Smoke House will be on the left.  It's at the edge of Warner Bros.

CiaoCristina! is further up the street and also a nice little Italian restaurant.

Not exactly around the corner but in nearby Burbank my favorite restaurant is Commonwealth.  It's amazing and definitely worth checking out.

Maybe the nearby hotels have a nice restaurant inside?  Otherwise, you can search the general Toluca Lake, Burbank or Hollywood area for restaurants.

Chris Galindo

Veteran Member
Feb 22, 2015
For me, it's a cheese bread battle between the Smoke House and North Woods Inn.  I may have to give the edge to the latter, because their salad is just as amazing.  I have gone in there and just ordered the cheese bread and salad and made a meal of it.
I always sneak some salad home. Love North Woods. Their steak on skewers is soooo delicious. 
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