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First time to USH!


Dec 22, 2015

Newbie here....First time to USH...but having lived in Orlando for over 20yrs...I have been to the Orlando parks more times than I can count!  My questions are how busy is the park on Sunday's in the middle of Sept? I'll be staying down at Disneyland and only have one day to visit the park....BUT I do know that the traffic during the week is a nightmare heading up from Anaheim, so I'm trying to avoid getting stuck in traffic all morning...was hoping to be at the gate before it opens to beat the crowds!   Was eyeing the Sept 11th 2016 date which is a Sunday....I do relize that with the HP world opening it might b hard to predict....But any and all suggestion would b helpful!!!


Jon Fu

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Jul 26, 2010
It'll be difficult to predict before Potter, but I think you can get a pretty decent estimate once the land opens.

For what it's worth, September 11 is always the tail-end before the summer season ends for local schools.


Dec 22, 2015
I was thinking with Sept 5th being labor day that school would be back in on the that NOT true?


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Jun 23, 2009
Southern California
I would have to chime in with a different story...Los Angeles school district now starts school mid August.  Summer season for the theme parks tends to end before Labor Day weekend (this is supported by annual passes not being blacked out for the latter half of August).  With Sept 11 being post Labor Day, you should have no issues with traffic...especially on a Sunday morning.  The park crowding, I agree, will be challenging to gauge only because we have not seen the influx just yet for Potter, but I can imagine local activity and tourism will still be very slow around that given time frame.  I would think you may see 10am-6pm hours.