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Halloween Horror Nights '19 General Discussion

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Stranger Things, Hill House, Hellraiser, something Blumhouse.

Maybe Killer Klowns but those seem like the most likely options
just gonna repost my hhn 28 list since it's similar

speculation list
strangers things 2 [it's a given]
happy death day 2u
pet sematary [ let me explain, it's not fox or wb, stephen king let 2 it houses happen already, so if we can't get it, this is our second option]
killer klowns from outer space
haunting of hill house
the thing
zombieland [ second movie is coming out this year, so i won't be that surprised if we have a house themed to the first movie]

wishful thinking
crypt tv maze
overlord [ trailer is very promising, has tons of nightingales vibes, but have to wait until the movie comes out]
channel zero [please]
ghostbusters [please x10]
I’m very sad to see 2018 go. This has been one of my favorite years. However, I’ve definitely already been speculating for 2019
Stranger Things 2: it’s kind of a given. People on orlando’s side are saying Netflix loved their maze and the property was successful at our event. Season 2 seems to be a no brainer for me.

Universal Monsters 2: while I do want this to come back for personal reasons because it is my all time favorite maze, I definitely see reasoning for why it should return. First, this maze seemed to receive more love than the rest of the mazes, which means more money went into it. So it was an expensive maze. Second, As far as I’m aware it’s still one of the highest rated mazes. While waiting in line for mazes, I rarely heard people talk about other mazes they had been through, except for Universal Monsters. Third, it’s a favorite of John’s and having it be successful and highly requested to return, he’ll do anything in his power to bring it back. He has no problem bringing mazes back, TCM:BIB, La Llarona, AVP. Those are just a few houses that off the top of my head that are claimed to be pretty great and were featured multiple times back to back. This maze is claimed by many to be a GOAT and if everything works out I’d like to see it return. However, with the rumors of parisian disappearing soon to make way for SLOP it might have to be reconfigured to fit another venue.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space: This kind of seems to be another really likely maze. If it follows suit with Trick ‘r Treat then I expect it to be done as a house. Orlando brought trick ‘r Treat to relevancy in 2017 as a scarezone and it was successful so they finally did it as a house. Maybe KKFOS will follow that same pattern.
The Haunting of Hill House: I haven’t seen this yet, school is keeping me busy. However, John seems interested in it and there are some requests for it. If Netflix enjoyed Stranger Things and wanted to give them another property I’d think it’ll be this one.

The Thing: This maze has been rumored for quite some time. I find it odd that they’ve never done the original movie but maybe they’ll finally attempt it next year. If, and this is just hypothetical, Monsters returns then I bet a good chunk of the budget will be saved because of a maze returning so it’ll allow them to allocate more budget to expensive things like Stranger Things 2 and possibly The Thing.

Hellraiser: Another low awareness but still highly requested maze. Clearly that reboot isn’t coming anytime soon. And John has abandoned prior statements about waiting for something else to happen before he does a maze IE Trick ‘r Treat and not waiting for the sequel. I’m not really aware of the movies rights situation though.

Original(s)?: I miss original mazes. The last one we had was not the best note to leave originals off on, but hey if hooked John up with slash and gave great music for universal Monsters. But with WB doing their own haunt event and John running out of properties he can choose maybe he’ll resort back to an original or two.

Happy Death Day 2U: To me, Blumhouse sucked both years. I didn’t even really like the sinister section of 2017. However, this is a movie that’s coming out next year. I don’t really want it, but I definitely think it’s a possibility.

That does it for my short list. I’m sure I’ll add and subtract things as the spec goes on.

1. IT (102)
2. Haunting of Hill House (87)
3. Halloween (84)
4. Scream (72)
5. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (69)
6. Stranger Things (65)
7. La Llorona (56)
8. UCM (52)
9. Conjuring (50)
10. Thing (48)

Honorable Mentions:
- Hellraiser (46)
- Original Mazes (33)
My thoughts as of now..

Stranger Things 2 - Stranger Things is one of the biggest things to come out in entertainment since TWD. I would highly doubt that they'd not have a Multi-Year. What I'm curious of, is if it'll open for Daytime Guests.

Universal Monsters - Murdy's Passion Project, and it costed a lot to become a reality. That said, it does beg the question, if Parisian goes by the end of the year..where could it go? My guess would be the Backdrop Tent in Backlot.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space - This is..a mix of a few things. One, is the easy bullet: The fans want these characters to come. But looking at it on a larger scale..SYFY. I think Killer Klowns, is coming next year; but more when you factor the SYFYOriginal's getting the rights to continue the series going forward.

Jabbawockeez - I get a vibe, that we have one more year. That way, they can qualify the deal in a similar vein to The Walking Dead; Fivure.

Originals - Murdy has mentioned of an Original that almost made the cut, but then things occured. I get the impression, we will see at-least one maze this time being an original. But, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a catch to it; like an artist band having involvement ala' Alice Cooper/Black Sabbath/Slash.

Outside of that, I am just hoping they get a budget increase, so they can get more than three rides and one show in the park.
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Has anyone watched “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix? I just finished last night and that show is oozing with maze material and Halloween atmosphere. It was much better than I was expecting. Tons of things they could use for scares. I could see Netflix starting to be a pretty big presence at HHN in the future with this, Stranger Things, and Haunting of Hill House.
Has anyone watched “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix? I just finished last night and that show is oozing with maze material and Halloween atmosphere. It was much better than I was expecting. Tons of things they could use for scares. I could see Netflix starting to be a pretty big presence at HHN in the future with this, Stranger Things, and Haunting of Hill House.
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is owned by Warner Bros as well though.
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I could totally see Zombieland happening, as @hhnlover said. Especially if they need more properties with doing more houses.

Hell, Zombieland could be a zone.
Not gonna list what I think since it'll just echo everyone else's sentiments, but I do have to put in a raging recommendation, wishful thinking, purely speculation, and practically begging for SCREAM to finally happen!
I could totally see Zombieland happening, as @hhnlover said. Especially if they need more properties with doing more houses.

Hell, Zombieland could be a zone.

Being real..how would Zombieland even work as a house? I mean, I love Zombieland as much as the next guy..but, I don't see how that could work as a house. A scarezone, maybe; but I don't see how that could work as a house.


Going to throw this out again, but I would not be surprised if Terror Tram gets the cut. Especially from this year, management seemed like a nightmare from all I've heard.
Don't have much time to put into speculation right now, but here are a few preliminary guesses:

Assuming Channel Zero gets a renewal (no small guarantee, but it's possible) that could be a potent one to use. The Shudder deal is giving the show a massive boost in popularity (there was advertising on the NYC subway, for example) and the show is ready-built with distinctive characters like Pretzel Boi, Gaga suit and the Tooth Child. Season 4 and season 1 could make a great combo maze.

Bringing back Universal Monsters with a few extra characters (remove the gauntlet and add a few scenes with Hunchback and Masque-Phantom, plus the Gillman) would be a nice way of saving money and fleshing out the other mazes.

Hereditary is a fun one with a lot of publicity. Characters (and black walls) might be a bit of a problem, but eh.

Scream and Hellraiser seem more achievable than ever given new management over at TWC. I'd love to see the new Halloween, but insiders are saying that's off the cards, and I trust them.

Stranger Things 2 and Haunting of Hill House.

The Ring might actually fit nicely for the "classic house" spot this year. It's a relatively well-known property with some very iconic scenes; they could adapt the closet scene, the chair scene, the TV crawl, the farm, the well (with a transition hallway), the black & white flashback (from the Japanese version) and end with some rooms based off of the cursed video. I think the movie is actually underrated as far as haunt potential goes.

The Grudge, maybe?

The Child's Play TV series that's coming out.

EDIT: Happy Death Day 2U and Us could be fun.

World War Z 2, directed by David Fincher. Could be a neat scarezone.


One more thing: the Halloween 4 "christmas lights" fakeout scare is gonna be the new technique they use in a bunch of mazes now. Calling it. They can use it in Stranger Things, probably Scream with a really loud telephone, and a couple others.
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Blue sky here:

SLOP/Walking Dead Mash up. Zombie Pets

Itchy and Scratchy

All BLACK WALLZ - If they are gonna do it, own it. Do a maze entirely of black walls chock full of doors and boo holes. Even make it true maze like with different options to go.
Before I speculate, I have some concerns I must share regarding next year, especially since it is supposed to be the "off" year (Get ready, it's a long post):

Here's the most obvious: Please, please, please, please, PLEASE for the love of all that is right.....STOP. THE. BLACK. WALLS. Just STOP. It's extremely frustrating to see some nicely detailed rooms get chopped up with long, drawn out black walls (Lookin' at TrT and Polt). This has been an ongoing issue since they have added another house and it really needs to stop. Thankfully, it wasn't as bad this year, but with there being a high probability of Monsters and Stranger Things coming back to reuse those sets materials and from alcohol sales, they should have a solid amount of $$$$ to cover those up. That brings me to:

The house count: It's perfectly fine as is. Don't add to it. With the extra money from alcohol that came in, I'm sure Murdy will be extremely tempted to add a house. If by some chance TWD does leave before HHN next year, I'm sure it will be extremely tempting. I urge you Murdy, no matter what, please DON'T. Look how that turned out last year. I really don't want anymore black walls. Maybe when virtually every night is packed, maybe it will be time to expand. But for now, don't. Quality has really taken a hit recently.

Terror Tram: Either do something good and creative with this or just dump it. Seeing that there was a queue line before the scarecrow section gave me an idea that they should have mini "mazes" through each section; for example: the "Nightmarez" section at the end of tram, the tomb scene in Monsters before entering the windmill, and the cabin on the Crystal Lake trail from WB's event. Add some audio trigger scares in there, add a sheet maze somewhere outside, and have those walk-in shipping containers from '16 through WotW for set pieces and noise constraints and you're golden. Tram may be severely limited, but that can do more with this to make it descent. Don't give me this BS about neighbors when you have chainsaws everywhere out there.

Scarezones: Admittedly, they were better this year for sure. I feel like they should model after Orlando for how their scarezones are (Of course, baring in mind space). I would love to see a scarezone like the one Fright Fest has in front of Riddler's go out in metro. I would like to see their own take on it. Of course, I would love them to be able to use the entire strip of Metro for a scarezone, but money-wise that'd be unrealistic. They need that cash to stop the black walls.

For Pete's sake, just open Potter. Make a Dementor scarezone and night show like Japan does. That would seriously jack up capacity and get more people to come. You can argue that people won't want to stay during the day, but now there's a lot to do at HHN. Maybe people will want to stay to get rides out of the way before doing houses. Maybe they will want to see Minions, WaterWorld, and the tour before going to HHN. There will be folks that will want to knock stuff out to have more time to see houses and Jabawockeez. There's still some stuff you can do that you can't do outside of HHN. More capacity = more people spending money = more money to cover up those black walls.

Finally, change the scares. Please. Not every scare has to have a strobe light. Try scares from above, new hidden boo holes, make the scares less obvious. Again, follow Orlando's example!

I've said all this knowing all of this will likely fall on deaf ears. People will still go regardless of these suggestions, but once word of mouth spreads about how much better it can get, they're missing out on so much money. I thought Fright Fest was way scarier (Yes, freaking Six Flags) than HHN this year and so was Knott's creative content. Everywhere you see, there are so many haunts that have taken everything HHN has done and have done them just as good, if not BETTER. But HHN chooses to remain dormant with an "eh, that's good enough" attitude. They better be careful because I overhear people at HHN and different events how much they prefer other events. It will get to a point where people won't really bother much with HHN of they keep this nonsense up with reusing themes a million times and giving us black walls. It's gotten to the point where I'm not that excited for future events anymore because they've lost my trust on doing those properties justice.

With that said, here's my speculated line-up:

-Killer Klownz
-Halloween (New one or the fifth one)
-Universal Monsters 2.0
-Stranger Things season 2
-Haunting of Hill House (This better go in the sound stage)
-Happy Death Day 2U (Ewwww)
-Zombieland Terror Tram (Though I could see Purge being more likely)

I don't see the Thing happening if Hellraiser is coming...unless they add another house, which I hope they DON'T do.
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Has anyone watched “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” on Netflix? I just finished last night and that show is oozing with maze material and Halloween atmosphere. It was much better than I was expecting. Tons of things they could use for scares. I could see Netflix starting to be a pretty big presence at HHN in the future with this, Stranger Things, and Haunting of Hill House.

Im sure I'm in the minority, but as far as Netflix shows go, I'd much rather have Sabrina than Hill House.
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I said it in another thread, but I would love Sabrina and wish Netflix would just strong arm WB.

I'd love to see the tree burning with the 13 witches, pieces of the Batibat episode like Ambrose dissecting himself, the MINES?! There's seriously so much content.
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Stranger Things 2
Universal Monsters 2
Haunting of Hill House
Killer Klownz
Happy Death Day 2U
Halloween (2018)
The Thing

Blue Sky:
Suspiria (either version)
Horrors of A24
Exorcist 3
AHS: Asylum or Apocalypse
A Madea Family Funeral
Wish list for 2019

Stranger Things S2

The Thing


Metallica Music Maze (Dream maze, oh my god Master of Puppets, Enter Sandman, Ride The Lightning and One)

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Scream (I know it may not happen but I'm still hoping for it to come)

Army Of Darkness (Love the Evil Dead franchise but I wanna see it done right)
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Wish List:
- Hereditary
- Killer Klowns from Outer Space
- The Thing
- Twin Peaks
- Universal Monsters Re-Animated
- Hellraiser
- AHS Asylum
- Pink Floyd's The Wall

What's (most likely) gonna happen:
- ST S2
- Haunting of Hill House
- Killer Klowns from Outer Space
- Strangers Terror Tram
- Happy Death Day 2 You
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