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Halloween Horror Nights 2014 - VIP Experience Pass


Oct 22, 2013
Last year, I attended HHN 2013 as VIP. Totally worth it. I have already purchased my 2014 VIP tickets and am scheduled to attend in 2 weeks. For this year, I noticed something a bit different on my VIP ticket- I couldn’t help but notice on the ticket it says “Dining times will be assigned at VIP Check-In”. They never did this before have they? For the last 2 years, as far as meals go at HHN, I’ve had a plan – I used to eat a really light serving/meal and then enjoy the park for a couple of hours, and then eat a “full” meal upon leaving (There is a serious amount of walking involved, often times I’d work up an appetite). My question is for the 2014 season, will I not be able to do this plan? Will I only be assigned a one-time entry into the VIP lounge? Seems a bit cruel lol because after a full meal, generally speaking, I just want to lay down and sleep/relax, I certainly don’t imagine myself getting up and attempting a maze haha. Just wondering what that was like for anyone who attended as VIP. Insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jon Fu

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Jul 26, 2010
Hi, welcome to the forums!

No, assigned dining times are new for this year's ticket. I usually follow similar plan as you with a light serving followed by a full meal, and I didn't manage to accomplish that this year. You're only giving one entry during dinner time followed by unlimited access during dessert, which is held later into the day. Having said that, you're given about 30-45 minutes to eat during your reservation until you're taken to the backlot by a guide.

We actually just published our review of the Horror Nights VIP Experience on the main site if you're interested: http://insideuniversal.net/2014/09/halloween-horror-nights-2014-vip-experience-review/
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