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Halloween Horror Nights 2021 (USH) - News & Info


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Feb 21, 2013
New Orleans
As I was in the minority that thought Pandora's Box was one of the worst mazes we've ever had, this doesn't bode well for me lmao
Every time I go to HHN in Hollywood, there's a maze where my knees buckle and I hit the floor and then Bambi walk my way out of the section. In 2019, that happened to me in Pandora on my 2nd or 3rd run through.
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Apr 16, 2020
Rumor from Five Fires: H3 maze may be a mashup of H3 mixed with Halloween Kills.
Terror Tram comeback building more buzz


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Nov 23, 2013
Jabbaz will be back in 2021. It's crazy popular. Not on these boards, but popular and a good people-eater.
I have to ask--how expensive does Jaaba usually cost? I would think that because it's a troupe that is primarily established at the MGM-Grand, alongside the effort of gathering the dancers and doing the blocking and choreographing, that it would be on a large scale budget.


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Feb 25, 2014
Hey everybody, so yesterday this was posted over on the Orlando board...

Twitter saying hhn Hollywood lost the rights to Halloween 3
Apparently they removed the shamrocks
So, can anyone back this up? My thoughts on this are down below...

Feels like this would be a good post for the Hollywood thread since HW is the only park with visual confirmation that they're getting one. An the shamrocks getting removed doesn't mean they lost it. Since back in 2019, they put up the façade for KKfOS and the tent was a dead giveaway, a little while later they covered it up. A whole façade is too big to take down and hide, unlike those shamrock signs which could be easy to remove and put back up.

However Ringwraith's post earlier does indicate things are a changin', so that could be the case.