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Halloween Horror Nights 2023 (USH) - Speculation & Rumors


Feb 17, 2016
Los Angeles
^Yeah, I think here we forget that that majority of the public who attend HHN aren't necessarily haunt enthusiasts, they're just looking for an excuse to have a a fun time/party. The huge success of the bar area emphasizes that.

And while I was also disappointed Jabbawockeez didn't really have anything to do with Halloween, they are good entertainment in general. Their show in Vegas have been running for well over 10 years, so clearly there's entertainment value there in the eye of the public. Add in the fact they're locally based, it makes for a good, if unlikely, fit.


Feb 23, 2023
orange county, ca
Jabbawockeez have been consistently the #1 rated offering at Halloween Horror Nights since their debut. We may not care for them, but they are hugely popular.
exactly. I don't make an effort to see the show every year at this point (as previously stated, not much of a show guy) but it's tremendously entertaining and the crowds love it. replacing bill and ted, though overdue in my opinion, was a tough ask and universal did a great job.


Jul 26, 2022
I get that people like Jwokeez, I was being a tad facetious about the masked men (and I'm an ignorant foreign tourist lol). Though the version of the show I saw at HHN (only bothered once) was nothing spectacular to me, no crazy breakdance moves, they just stood there with their arms folded and nodded their heads. And it had some vague narrative about the mundanity of life. It was good in a way, because it was one thing I could skip in the future and do more maze and ride laps.

I'll be interested to see if they have the separate queues for RIP (for tours and when not on tour) and Express like last year. I did Express one night and RIP the other (as soon as they'd done the special things I dropped off the actual tour for some no wait maze queues) - those Express lines were like Orlando at times.

These facades have me puzzled. The Parisian courtyard has has a fairytale quality about it - anyone for a Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunter Maze lol. I'll be there and have a ball for sure no matter what.


May 10, 2023
I personally have only seen the Jabbawockees show once, and it was odd to me that there was not a single reference to the Halloween season. I was watching a show at 10 pm in October, and it looked and felt like a show I could have seen at 2 pm in July.

I have to assume that's by design. I can spend all day at a theme park and all night at a Haunt event, and take zero breaks outside of meals and the bathroom. I went thru Legends Collide 3 times in one night last year, and loved it. I also realize, I'm not normal. The vast majority of guests at HHN will need a break. What better way than to sit down for 20 minutes in a theater that blocks out the scary noises, and watch a fun, vaguely empowering dance show with a well-known troupe like the Jabbawockees?


Jul 26, 2022
@ParksandSights I think I nodded off at some stage in the Jwok show, I'm usually super jetlagged and running on empty when I reach the hallowed gates of HHN Hollywood. I can relate to the amount of distance you clock, I clocked up 180 km (112 miles) walking in 5 park days on my last Halloween trip. I'm also the fitness fool who runs up the stairs from the lower lot.


Veteran Member
Jan 10, 2013
No man's land: SoCal
A Purge show would actually be kinda dope. As long as it isn’t a house again.

Just curious if they’re going to use the same stunt people from Water World for it if they’re going to train new ones.


Legendary Member
Nov 23, 2013
Terror tram usually doesn't start construction till pretty late, correct?

In the terms of construction: TT is usually the last thing alongside Scarezones--a bit earlier but not that far off.

You said it, not me.

But yeah I’d probably pass. Though I imagine it would be popular

Thinking about it further--and it'd honestly make for a killer IP.

Keeps the Action IP nature of the venue while also allowing them to bring back the blood from SlaughterWorld. Could even tie it with The Forever Purge and the 2021 Terror Tram, with the ampitheater being a "Purge-Free" sanctuary that gets taken over by force.


Jun 30, 2019
@chris.g sorry to pester you further but this has kinda been bugging me. Have you heard anything about holidayz in hell? Is it the same? Is it different? Is it even holidayz in hell?