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Halloween Horror Nights 30 Speculation Thread (2020)

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Dec 13, 2009
People should start making peace with the fact they might be able to go twice, hit 6-8 houses total (not a night, total), no shows, no alcohol, and no friend hang outs. Prepare now. Hopefully it doesn’t come to fruition but it could and would.

They do have enough room to create more space for people (a nice break from what they normally do)

A lot of the houses are just big stretches of straight path which could easily be distanced

I also don't think they're going to see the interest of previous years...Especially if they choose to dial down promo

Edit: I literally just saw a video from last Saturday and the parks are swamped...My hypothesis is losing traction fast haha
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Nov 3, 2019
I can understand not having the bar tents but I figured Finns would still be open and have some sort of setup with them?


Sep 9, 2019
I want to point out Rob Zombie has gotten mazes...and bet you 9/10 people going to the event don't even know who he is or listen to his movies or even see his films.
I mean they may have seen the Halloween reboot but most people don't know its him.

So just putting out there these events are kinda bringing big brands to be celebrated and things you may not know to get you into them...like last year with Creepshow which was a great maze even if I've never seen the film or source material

Also in my opinion this is a good first song to listen from her.

I forgot how good that song is, especially for a Bond theme.

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Apr 7, 2019
The tent houses will probably end up being some fan favorites this event if what I have heard is correct. Lots of dynamics and some fun original takes. Sprung 2 might have some cool imagery, but with an exceptional cast Sprung 1 could completely steal the show this year in a way we haven't seen since 27 in that location.
I always get houses mixed up which is in sprung 1 and sprung 2 this year?
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Jul 27, 2015
S1 is the “Performing Arts Center” concept (going off of the last thing Legacy mentioned) and S2 is Pumpkin Lord / King.
It’s a theater. I don’t know its era. I think it’s more modern but could just as easily an old opera house type place. The theater aspect is all I’m sure on.
am I correct in saying that last year, tent 2 was depths and tent 1 was nightingales?
That’s correct.
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