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Halloween Horror Nights 33 (UOR) - Merchandise

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I don’t mind the design at all, I like it. But I do think the color scheme should’ve been different. I think if you make it black orange and purple it would look a lot better.
Orange = Halloween and Orange = Summer Beach Vacation are definitely similar but opposite aesthetics, so I can see how it can look like one or the other to different people. It also does look a little Walmart-y corporate "punk" in some ways, but I still like the shirt fine. I really love the event logo more than anything else though.
What makes merch “HoS” or “Six Flags” quality? Just wondering.
Many are saying this could be a patch, and I could totally see that and would actually buy it in that form if I was into patches. However, there is sometimes a subtle, minimalist, complexity that HHN merch brings to the table. This, personally feels like a giant iron on patch they plastered to the front of a terrible shirt color. Howl O Scream has had ok merch in the past, but I feel most of their stuff is tacky and Six Flags definitely rides that tacky line every year.

Ultimately, it feels corporate, which is ironic because the 90's is supposed to wreak of that "against all authority" vibe.
Nothing. They're saying the logo/graphic is "Six Flags/HOS" style as if it's not "HHN quality/standards". Even though HOS has given great merch in the past. Six Flags... unfortunately is a victim of corporate cheapness (a few designs to use at multiple parks instead of park exclusives).

Everyone wanted the 90s. Universal gave them 90s. Yet, nobody likes it (here or the FB/Twitter side). Go figure
Define everyone haha
I'm honestly not sure why everyone is so surprised or disappointed by the 1st shirt release this year. The Grad Bash neon green hoodie with a similar 90's throwback graphic kind of signaled this direction this year. I, actually like the 90's neon for Universal. I think it's a throwback to the original studios shirts and it's fun. I'm sure there will be the typical black tee release eventually but I say bring on the garish colors! Who says horror can't be fun?!
I like it in concept. Unlike last year's Into the Fog shirt, the style feels like something I could wear outside of the Halloween season, and with preview merch being sold outside of the Halloween season, that's good.
Hey! I wear that shirt all the time :lmao: :lmao:
Everyone wanted the 90s. Universal gave them 90s. Yet, nobody likes it (here or the FB/Twitter side). Go figure
Definitely not “everyone”
I want the logo Aiello posted as a legitimate patch to put onto clothes. That'd be great.
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The simplicity it makes leads to something that'd easily be a great patch--something that doesn't overtake much and is fun enough.
This could actually look pretty good as a patch
doesn't feel like "halloween" or "horror" is what I think people are trying to say lol

feels very "the band your parents want you to stop listening to"
I can agree on this. Still might buy it tho.
I did hear there was going to be 2 merch releases last week - so this may very well be the case.
Instresing. Wonder what caused this?
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I feel like T-Shirts like this take a little longer than a week to be mass produced and shipped to the park. I don't think this was a response to the Orange shirt backlash at all. :lmao: Black version was probably always in the cards.
This was a merch announcement and not anything to do with HHN content. Do we know if the last merch announcement ended in :33? I feel the :33 is being used specifically related to content within HHN
Ah I guess you're right lol