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Hard Knocks Pointe Orlando


Apr 26, 2013
I've just noticed this on Pointe Orlandos website, anyone been before? what is it(I know its a lazer tag type game but what's involved))? is it fun?
any description would be great thanks


Sep 16, 2010
I've been to the Hard Knocks near UCF once. It is laser tag taken to the next level.

The guns are realistic specs and you have a variety to choose from with different attributes. The arenas are awesome; one was made to look like an office building and the other was a warehouse setting. They also have different scenarios along with the normal deathmatch. We did one where our team had to diffuse a bomb.

It's kind of like a live Call of Duty match. :cheers:


Veteran Member
Jan 18, 2013
Orlando Florida
I love it...been three or four times now. The arenas are cool and the guns are so realistic and the different matches keep the gameplay interesting.