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Thanks for the welcome all!!

I hope to have some cool chats and make some new online friends.

I like to think I’m pretty chilled so this should be great!
Joining Welcome Home GIF
Welcome to IU! Very chill place with some of the best park info and discussion around imo, hope you have a nice time!

Thank you!

Been on here maybe 2 months so far and really enjoying it.

I’m mainly hanging in the Universal GB thread (being from England), but it’s a great forum and the moderators seem pretty spot on.

I’d like to contribute in some of the other threads, but having got back from Orlando after an insane time last May (it was everything I could have imagined and more), it’s hard to keep reading all the cool stuff when I know I won’t be seeing it again in real life for a few years most likely, simply due to cost. It’s worth every penny, but takes a while to save up.

I figured being local to this possible GB park I might be able to contribute to any local news that breaks, and enjoy chatting with people about what they think.

It’s been cool.