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Hellraiser (2022)

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Jun 6, 2016

Haven't seen a thread for this yet so decided to make it...

Huge fan of Bruckner's stuff. Did Amateur Night for V/H/S, the Accident for Southbound, Netflix's The Ritual, "The Man in the Suitcase", and "The Companion" for Shudder's Creepshow.
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Night House is supposed to be insane. Very happy with this news.

Between this and Ready or Not, Spyglass has made some excellent choices.
Yes, but that's with the caveat that considering the franchise's luck, I'm guessing one of them isn't happening /s.

Yeah, it looks like it. Could be one is a continuation and the other is a prequel, that kind of deal. Idk, I'm just glad that we're getting high quality Hellraiser again. Hopefully.
Big time thread bump. Trailer is out. I've never cared about this franchise mainly because the franchise mostly hasn't been relevant my adult life. But as someone who had no hype for this movie at all, I can tell you i'll definitely be watching it when it comes out.

October 7th on Hulu
As a huge fan of the series I'm glad it's getting some love and a real budget. Most of the franchise is full of direct to video schlock produced cheaply with no real overarching themes or stories. New Cenobites look fantastic and I hope this revitalizes people's interest.
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Almost all reviews i've seen from this so far are extremely positive and can't wait to see this Friday. Disney seems like they were turning their wheels on what to do with 20th Century for a few years, but between movies like Ready Or Not, The Night House, Fresh, Barbarian, Prey, and hopefully now Hellraiser, this is a studio that, if nothing else, is putting out a TON of high quality horror that can potentially turn into a franchise.
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I was disappointed. Some great visuals and a pair of solid performances, though.
I was disappointed. Some great visuals and a pair of solid performances, though.
Disappointment aside, would you say this is about the best since the original or no? If not, that's actually concerning lol.
Still haven’t watched this film but this reminds me I need to. I remember the trailer for this looking super interesting.
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