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HHN '17 - Employee Preview Night


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Sep 10, 2017
I guess I'll be the one to defend Blumhouse then.

Guys, I don't think it's THAT bad. Not as good as the other mazes look, to be sure, but is it really terrible?

The Purge section looks very neat, I think we can all agree on that. Happy Death Day looks alright, given what they had to work with, it has some clever touches like drop-panels behind the hospital message boards and the little Halloween section at the end. Sure, it looks kind of stupid and the audio is kind of hamfisted and awkward (Why would I want to hear a college girl talking about her birthday in a haunt?) but otherwise, there's a decent few scares in there that I think the actors could use to make it an intense section. Or it could just fall flat and be awkward. 50/50 on that one, I could just be holding out hope.

Sinister is the part that I'm going to have to go against the mold of here. I haven't seen much decent video of the Sinister section anywhere (Arsic's is very edited with alot of cuts, if you notice. The other guy's video is unbearable to watch and completely dark in parts.) but I think there's enough to suggest that it'll be alot better than the videos might have you think. For a start, some sections we do see are actually pretty rad; the projection room with the little girl, Baghuul behind the movie screen, etc. It looks like the house was very dark at points, so there could be parts missing from the video (And again, guy who was at scare academy said that there would be the Hanging Tree, so who knows). What I'm saying is, give the house a chance to surprise you. I don't think it'll be that bad. Mixed-bag, maybe, but bad? I dunno.

Also, I like the idea of the movie poster hallways. I think the Happy Death Day poster is a little underwhelming (That knife is at a weird angle if it's really cutting a cake), but the Purge: Anarchy and Sinister posters are cool to see in real life.

The finale I won't defend. Yeah, it's kinda weak. If they wanted to do what they were doing, why not end it with a little purge alley with purgers dressed as Baghuul/ the baby-faced guy? Kinda dumb to just drop a minigun in there.
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