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HHN '18 - Most Anticipated Scarezone

Which scare zone are you most looking forward to this year?

  • Holidayz in Hell

  • Trick 'r Treat

  • Monster Masquerade

  • Hell's Harvest

  • Toxxic Tunnel

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Veteran Member
Nov 7, 2016
In descending order -

5. Toxxic Tunnel - Well... there's that lol

4. TrT - It sounds like the area will be very small and mostly a photo op with some scares. With it being so close to Hell's Harvest, I don't know how much of a tone this will be able to set either.

3. Hell's Harvest - Sounds like a lot of weird clashing ideas. I do Early Entry so I rarely see the entrance zone anyway.

2. Monster Masquerade - I was excited at first by the monsters, but the masquerade part is a weird aspect. I was hoping for something less beautiful and a bit more carnage. Maybe if they lean even more into the gothic aspect, who knows, I think it has potential.

1. Holidayz in Hell - This is oddly the only scarezone I'm a little excited for, then again, HHN has always had "meh" scarezones. But this idea sounds fun and lends itself to a lot of scary monsters.