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HHN 27: Most Anticipated Scarezone

Which scarezone are you most looking forward to this year?

  • Invasion!

  • Altars of Horror

  • Festival of the Deadliest

  • Trick R Treat

  • The Purge

  • Roaming Horde

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Veteran Member
Aug 15, 2015
1. Invasion! - Vamp Spirtual Sequel. Pumped for goofy sci-fi.
2. Trick R Treat - Perfect idea for this area, way better than the mythology attmepts for the last two years.
3. Altars - Fun picture zone.
4. Festival - Not enough details really. It's the "main" zone though.
5. Purge - Been there, done that. Interested to see if the "Universal" tie-in is more than a sell.
6. Clownsaws - Meh.


Jul 1, 2010
1) Invasion—Love 50s SciFi. Should be a clever idea that’s quintessentially Halloween yet rarely done. Only fear is crowd flow.

2) Trick R Treat—Sure, it could’ve been a house, but still should work very well as a SZ packed with Halloween traditions. Shades of the Hallow, one of my all-time favorites. Glad to see the pumpkins back in the trees where they belong.

3) Festival of the Deadliest—still not sure what to make of this, but different blood and bone casts is promising, dug the “clock-punk meets Day of the Dead” concept art. Cautiously optimistic, could easily be sleeper Zone of the Year.

4) Roaming Hordes---Never got the whole fear of clown things. And HHN has really gone overboard with the chainsaws in recent years, which dilutes their impact. If these are the only saws at the event, given a decent amount of free reign around the park, could for a few minutes of fun each night. But the whole things smacks of zero-creativity fan service.

5) The Purge—See above for feelings re: IP. Feels a bit repetitive at this point, and just oogey using real life modern weapons in a SZ. I’d much rather see werewolves or ghosts than people with guns and knives at my escapist Halloween events.

6) Altar—The selfie zone. A necessary evil I suppose. Will be crowded, annoying and not terribly scary. But I see no way around it at this point.


Premium Member
May 20, 2013
Wow didn't expect to see so much love for Invasion!. It having the exclamation point in the name gives me even more hope for it.

1) Invasion!
2) Trick R Treat
3) Festival of the Deadliest
4) Purge
5) Altar
6) Roaming Hordes - Glad these will be here but the over abundance of chainsaws and increasing silliness/randomness of characters (redneck chainsaw brigade and cheerleaders I'm looking squarely at you) have lessened it in my opinion. Clownsaws and Pumpkinhead are always appreciated though
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Veteran Member
Feb 25, 2014
1. Trick 'r Treat - Even though I'd like to see this as a house instead, I'm sure as hell not complaining that we're getting a Halloween scare zone back in Central Park. It's a theme that always works well in that area, so bring it on!

2. Festival of the Deadliest - This is a theme that's right up my alley, and with it being in Hollywood I can imagine it'll be a pretty fun and energetic zone.

3. The Purge - For me this IP has worked better as a SZ then a house, so I don't nessicarily mind it returning. It also sounds like they might put their own spin on things, so that's a potiential plus right there.

4. Altars of Horror - This is the stage/selfie zone, it might give some neat interactions to film...but it'll also be hampered by being on the cramped side.

5. Invasion! - *sigh* You know, I absolutely adore a campy sci-fi theme. That would be a instant #1 on my hype list, no doubt. So why isn't it? Because it's in San Fran, one of the most cramped locations being used at the event. You're just not going to see the fun interactions that Vamp '55 could pull off in Hollywood.

Invasion! is a theme made for Hollywood or New York, there's so much they can do in either location. But with it being in San Fran, I just feel a killer theme is going to be wasted beyond belief in a cramped location you can't enjoy it in.
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Veteran Member
Nov 3, 2015
Cabana Bae
1. Invasion - The ufo, Probably A&D's best set piece ever created for a zone? (hoping for cool effects)
2. Trick r Treat - always love central park zones cause of the insane amount of fog + pumpkins
3. Purge - chaotic zone, and the 24 zone was very active
4. Horde - love the springfield horde specifically, just cause you can eat and watch people get scared
5. Festival of the Deadliest - Hollywood zone to me always feels weak
6. Altars of Horror - SELFIES


Veteran Member
Apr 18, 2013
1. Invasion! - This is my most anticipated but, it's one of the worst locations. I know this will end up closer to the bottom of my favorite list, it's a shame. I will still enjoy seeing that UFO scene!
2. The Purge - This is probably the best location and the Purge makes for a very good fit for a scare zone. They seem to be taking the best from the previous Purge zone and adding new stuff.
3. Festival of the Deadliest - I really have no expectation for this one but it's the second best location and nothing else really stands out to me.
4. Altars of Horror - If this has the right characters it could be okay.
5. Roaming Horde - This one is always kind of fun to watch
6. Trick R Treat - I'm unfamiliar and indifferent with the IP and this location is always my least favorite. I expect it to be exactly the same as every other year, lots of fog, lights from the trees and scareactors jumping from the bushes on the side. In other words you can't really see anything so just try to walk through without tripping over someone.
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