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HHN 28: Academy of Villains - Cyberpunk


Aug 15, 2017
Hill Valley
Didn’t even bother going to watch the show, said to myself I definitely would before going but I only had 9 days in Orlando, couldn’t bring myself to take an hour out my night to sit down and watch it, when I’d rather be in the zones and houses.

On the other hand I sometimes watched bill and ted twice in one night, also was a big fan of AoV’s 2016 show, and watched it multiple times. Bill and Ted made you feel part of an exclusive club, and the atmosphere was great, just not the same anymore.

Bring the time travelling duo back with Jack at 30 please.

On the upside it was so much better round Mel’s die in this year, rather than the usual cluster.


Jun 16, 2017
Haines City, FL
I’m honestly estatic that he decided to release the music. That Crazy Train remix is probably one of my favorite versions of that song I’ve heard.