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HHN 28: Vamp 85: New Year's Eve

Brian G.

Staff member
Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL


Before the countdown to midnight has started, it’s clear this party has already been crashed, and the streets are running red with blood. You’ll enter what looks to be your typical New Year’s Eve bash until it’s too late. As the ball drops, fanged punks and big-haired vamps will start their feeding frenzy.
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Jul 27, 2015
Yeah, this is in the main part of New York.

I'm thrilled this is finally announced. I first heard about it back in April. There's so much ridiculous absurdity they can do with this (BALL DROP!) that it could easily be an all-timer.


aka Elegia
Staff member
Apr 18, 2018
As bittersweet as it is I’m pretty excited for it and I think this’ll be the zone I end up spending the most time in. So long as “Auld Lang Syne” isn’t played on an every 10 minutes type of schedule. That song is so depressing to me.


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Nov 3, 2015
I created a 45 minute playlist consisting of songs from 1985 sequenced to tell the story of a NYE party gone horribly wrong.

In my *fan fiction* version of Vamp '85, two friends reluctantly attend a NYE party. They're hesitant to go because of the pressure surrounding the midnight kiss ("The Perfect Kiss"). When they arrive to the party, they are overwhelmed by the amount of beautiful people in attendance ("Head Over Heels"). They begin to explore the party and are drawn further in by the beauty of their surroundings ("Six Different Ways"). However, upon closer examination, they realize the wine being served to the attendees is blood. They decide to make a break for it (“The Headmaster Ritual”), but are stopped by two party goers who ask them to dance. Before they can answer, they are dragged to the dance floor as a slow dance begins (“Crazy For You”). Their dance partners refuse to let them break eye contact. As they sway to the music, they experience a sense of deep relaxation, ultimately making them succumb to their hosts’ request to remain at the party. They are each given a glass of the blood wine (“Temptation”). A toast is purposed to the new year and glasses are raised. In a moment of clumsiness, one of the friends lets the glass slip out of their sweaty palms. The sound of the breaking glass snaps their mesmerization, allowing them to see they are now surrounded by vampires (“Shout”). Due to the hypnosis being broken, they also realize they are not the only mortals at the party and begin to battle the vampires with the other victims of the vampires’ seduction. The party turns into a bloody scene as vampires tear apart every human they can get their fangs on. The two friends manage to escape the party, seeking refuge on a nearby hill top (“Running Up That Hill”). They watch the massacre unfold from afar as the countdown to midnight begins (“View to a Kill”). The vampires below take a respite from the onslaught to sing “Auld Lang Syne”.