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HHN 28: Vamp 85: New Year's Eve


Sep 26, 2013
Morrison, CO
Scareapy in 25 was one of my favorite zones
Even chucky has the operation mini show and the barrel monkey dancing on his stage.
Little things like that makes such a big difference.
The monkey is just playing around and posing for pics sometimes, but it adds to the entertainment value.
Don't forget the monkey pee. lol. He would raise his legs and squirt at guest. That was hilarious to see.

But yeah the only action going on was on the main ball drop stage. There was no point in exploring any other areas in this zone.
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Veteran Member
Apr 29, 2016
Scareapy in 25 was one of my favorite zones
It really did feel like a block party gone wrong.
How many mini stages did that zone have? 3 or 4?
Scareapy at 25 is probably the best zone that I've seen them do. That is exactly what this should have been, just with the NYE Vamp overlay on it.
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