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HHN 29 Flex Ticket +1 Night Free


Dec 21, 2018
United Kingdom
Hi all,

First time going to HHN and just wondering about the benefits of the promotional ticket that's out now (for the next couple of days). We are planning to go on the 6th or 7th of September and get express.

Is the flex ticket +1 free night a good deal based on previous years? Will the price of a single night ticket be cheaper than the $82 that they're currently charging for the promo ticket? We know which night/nights we would like to go so we don't need the 'flexi' part of the ticket.

Any advice for some first timers would be appreciated, thanks!


Mar 22, 2018
It can vary. If I recall though, that promo is only Sunday-Friday, which would rule out the Saturday for you.

Opening night last year (which would be the 6th for this year) was $89.99 plus tax, the first Saturday was $109.99.

We did Express on opening day last year and got through all of the houses, but we did also take advantage of the Annual Pass stay and scream area, which got us in an hour early (I think - it's been a while!).
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May 6, 2019
The special promo ticket applies to all days except Saturdays, this is the last day so make up your mind.