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Mar 17, 2015
Sherman Oaks, CA
We really need a sub-forum for the Japan & Singapore events.... just sayin'...


The official website itself is updated, but much like our website it does feature "COMING SOON" announcements. However, the other 4 maze announcements actually provide a date of when they'll be announced!!! The SZs & Shows are also "coming soon". THEY HAVE AN INTERACTIVE WEBSITE GAME FOR THEIR 1st MAZE!!!
Halloween Horror Nights 7

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The Universal Singapore (Resort World Sentosa) Blog has also revealed all of this year's line-up with some concept art...



This isn’t your regular shopping mall. It collapsed on opening day due to ignored safety processes and shortcuts taken, forced on the workers by the mall owner. 500 guests were killed. Now, the abandoned aisles and lanes in the mall is filled with vengeful spirits seeking justice and revenge on the mall owner. Even innocent passers-by are not safe!

- Hex (Sin: Manipulation)


Step into a realm where black magic abounds. A treacherous witch doctor and shaman, the Midnight Man will manipulate all weak minds and feeble hearts of those who dare enter.

- Inside the Mind (Sin: Obsession)

Enter the psyche of Obsession, a deeply depraved force of evil. Horror fans will find themselves trapped in a macabre mental prison and wrestle to escape with their mind unscathed.

- Make the Cut (Sin: Narcissism)
Be a spectator to auditions for the next big thing in Gore-Pop. Witness the lengths fame-crazed wannabes will go in this twist on the Korean wave.

- Terrorcotta (Sin: Cruelty)
No, it wasn’t a typo. In a bid to become the most powerful female rule in ancient China, Empress Qing has amassed for herself an army or terrorcotta soldiers who will carry out her every cruel edict.

- Pilgrimage of Sin (Seven Deadlier Sins)

As a microcosm of all Seven Deadlier Sins, Pilgrimage of sin is where fanatics from all over the world come to pay penance and seek absolution.

- Happy Horror Days (Sin: Perversion)


From a diabolical-looking Easter bunny and a wicked Humpty Dumpty, Happy Horror Days represents your favourite holidays gone wrong.


- Laboratorium (Sin: Deception)
Held at Pantages Hollywood Theatre, this show features death-defying stunts performed by international acts, and exposes the deception of plague doctors who treat humans as test subjects to find a cure for the Black Death, only to create freaks with supernatural abilities.

- Slice of Life Tour (Sin: Narcissism)
The album launch performance by pop trio Slit Face Girls at Hollywood Lagoon Stage goes awry and ends up in a bloody affair.



In teams of four, you’ll be equipped in laser tag gear to fend off zombies and escape. One person in each team will also wear a “brainwave technology” headband that will “sense concentration levels to help unlock clues”, this includes using it to open locked doors to escape!
Here is the logo for the "Happy Horror Days" scarezone


Also... While they'll have a bunch of rides open during the event, they will also have "SHREK 4D" open as well, BUT it will apparently be showing "SCARED SHREKLESS" instead of the normal attraction film. Too bad we never did that at our event in Hollywood/Orlando.
Meet the face of "Cruelty" - The TERRORcotta Empress


"Don't be fooled by her exterior beauty"


"Be careful not to cross her"

And they unlocked the newest "game" to the website as well. So far, "Death Mall" has the best game.
So the website has been updated with everything... sort've. Just have one more house/maze "game" to unlock on Sept 8th. But they finally updated the "Scarezone"/"Shows" section. As well as added an event map. For some reason though, they failed to include a background image for "Hex" (aka- "Manipulation" sin) on the main page of the icon himself. :cautious:

"HEX" website game is active... (totally failed the first try haha)

Here is the logo for the other scarezone

"With the new 7 DEADLY SINS unleashed on earth, fanatics have emerged from around the world to pay penance and plea for absolution."

Here are the logos for the two shows...

"The Slit Face Girls present their brand of Gore-pop as they strut, dance and perform their latest single for you."


"Be exposed to the deception of plague doctors who treat humans as test subjects to find cures during the Black Death, only to create freaks with super humanabilities."

Here is the event map: 9 rides/attractions, 5 mazes, 2 scarezones, 2 shows & a Zombie Laser Tag upcharge experience!

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So the final "game" has been unlocked on the website. This one is for the "Inside the Mind" maze/house.


Here is more artwork for the "Zombie Laser Tag"

Here is a map of the event that only shows off the mazes, scarezones, & shows...