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HHN Hollywood 2022 Construction Thread


Contributing Member
Mar 23, 2015
Orange County, CA
Here is a small update of some things around the park. This Instagram post shows some good progress on the mummy location facade, La Llorona and the the Curious George lot including that well that is still back there.

Looks like walls have gone up around the Waterworld queue also.


Veteran Member
Nov 7, 2016
Wait, where is that well located? And it looks like there's another smaller one next to it slightly out of frame? (Frame 5)

If those are part of the facade, that's pretty cool. I remember there was a well in front of La Llorona but that looks like it's nowhere near it. And I remember it being smaller (unless they're just storing one of them there for now).

Also, I spotted that fence in front of that one facade. GREAT detail.