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HHN Hollywood General Discussion - 2017

This year was just very strong in terms of mazes, both lineup and how they were executed.. I don't wanna be in Murdy's shoes for him trying to top this in 2017.. 

My guesses/speculation

1. Scream - Major slasher, Ghostface hasn't had a maze yet, how do you follow up the gathering of the Big 4? With the last man standing..

2. The Conjuring OR Insidious 4 - both popular franchises, both James Wan-based., If I had to take a guess, Conjuring would seem a little more likely..

3. American Horror Story - This was a given.. Asylum/Coven/Roanoke.. 

4. Hellevator - Jason Blum-produced game show, the hosts (Jen and Sylvia Soska) are HHN fans and want to work with Murdy..

That's all I can think of at the moment.. Oh, and I think we MAY see something Classic Monsters based FINALLY..

Let me also throw in the possibility of Channel Zero given that it's a SyFy show and NBCUniversal may want synergy promotion of the show at HHN
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Feb 2, 2013
My early guesses so-far...

  • Six mazes in total (Excluding TWDA) {JP Overflow, Waterworld line, Mummy overflow queue, The tents in the Backlot}
  • An 'original' (with external party) maze comes around as an exclusive maze for USH
  • AHS returns with Coven, Asylum, and Roanoke to both coasts
  • Insidious returns to the Event with all four films to both coasts
  • Lights Out makes its debut at the event as an exclusive maze for USH
  • Stephen King makes his debut at the event with a maze rendition of the 2017 IT remake to both coasts
  • Hellraiser comes to both coasts
  • The Academy of Villains boot Jabbawockeez out in light of the roaring success of the show in Orlando from HHN26
  • The Wizzarding World of Harry Potter is open for full as Death Eaters come as-well
  • The Terror Tram receives an 'Original' (with external party) theme once again
  • The walk returns once again from the Lower Lot to the Backlot
  • The Mega-scarezone/Gauntlet concept returns for another year at the event
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Feb 2, 2013
Seems to me that everyone is forgetting that Saw is making a return next year... haha. 
To me, I believe that Saw needs to be proven to be a success in the cinemas again before it even gets the chance to return to the event, financially and critically.

Also to something else, I am very curious to see if USH and UOR sees a schedule change to the event; potentially more to something like Mardi Gras in a way.
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MacMillian Crew

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Jul 16, 2016
My guesses:

1. The Conjuring - Both movies have the the environments and creepy demons; they might possibly use elements from both Annabelle movies in it as well.

2. Insidious 4 - I'm pretty sure they'll just do a similar layout like last year's, but with more scenes from the fourth film and maybe a new "Further" room, with various ghosts.

3. Resident Evil - the "ambitious maze", in terms of puppetry and special effects; considering the last movie is coming out and fans in Hollywood loved the footage from Orlando's maze, it could possibly happen. It also has tons of cool monsters to replicate.

4. AHS - Obvious, for Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke.

5. Trick or Treat - Since Michael Dougherty worked with USH for Krampus, and Murdy has agreed with fans on Twitter about how plausible a Trick or Treat maze would be, I don't see why not.

6. The Strain - USH has already obtained rights from FX to use AHS, and The Strain has tons of cool vampires and awesome environments to recreate.

*Terror Tram and scare zones could be done by Rob Zombie; the concept art for his movie 31 looks really good, and he can incorporate many of his creations throughout the park, both on the Tram, and in the park sections.
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Jun 14, 2015

-Insidious Chapter 4





As for the last one, I can see it ranging from Resident Evil, to Child's Play, to even the Mummy.. 

Terror Tram I say is going to be another original collaboration with someone.

Scarezone Gauntlet returns, but I see it with a different theme other than Purge.

Maybe the maze count can go up to 8? or even 9? This year was extremely popular and sold out every night. They can expand to Courthouse Square this year if they possibly wanted to.

I don't think we'll see any repeating houses from this year, even though few people think that Exorcist may be returning.


Jan 1, 2014
My guesses are 


AHS 2/3/6

The Conjuring


The Exorcist

The Mummy 


The Exorcist could probably be switched out with some other iconic Horror property although I'm not to sure if it will be Stephen King related given the troubles they've had in the past. Also since pretty much everyone seems to thing the gauntlet concept will return what do you guys think it will be themed to?


Dec 6, 2015
San Diego
This is pie in the sky, but I'd love to see them turn the Terror Tram into an Special Ops Infected style attraction. Using the Psycho and WotW sets would great a great environment for something of that ilk. 
That sounds fantastic, if only something like that was plausible.


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Feb 2, 2013
This is pie in the sky, but I'd love to see them turn the Terror Tram into an Special Ops Infected style attraction. Using the Psycho and WotW sets would great a great environment for something of that ilk. 
I'd think that something like Special Ops could be rather unique for the Terror Tram, but it could push into some technical problems on how groups are handled, the upkeep of the 'guns' and the use of the environments. It definitely seemed like they went all out for 2016 in a way that's welcoming and fresh, but I think they may need some more time fine tuning how it could be done to USH.

Heck, I'd think a Upcharge maze like Repository may be the better thing to do for USH when thinking of them going in the interactive direction (just without the crappy VR portion).


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Jan 10, 2013
No man's land: SoCal
Alright, now that 2016 is gone here's what I think they may and should do:

First off, what I think will come next year:


-Conjuring (if not then Insidious)

-Trick 'r Treat



The rest is up for grabs, but I really want to see the Fog and Scream. Although not my preference, if Murdy wants to do another 3D rocker house, I wouldn't mind Iron Maiden. I would like to see Murdy change it up with one or two originals. 

I know it's hard to get, but retire the normal Terror Tram route and have the tram drop us off at Luttle Europe for a backlit experience like metro. Drop us off for a gauntlet and then have to houses there and food stands. Wishful thinking there. 

Since it's so dang crowded, opening night should be on Thursday this year. Have every week have a Thursday open for the run. Mid October have Wednesdays open, and at the final week of October, have Tuesday open. That will spread the crowds out instead of forcing everyone on peak nights. Even if not all those nights sell out, they'll still make a lot of money. Also add a house and have Potter open for capacity. 


Nov 7, 2016

And for my first post, here's my full speculation:
[Full disclaimer, I don't have much to say that hasn't been already said lol]
- All IP mazes. After management saw the event sell out almost every night, they're going to want another heavy hitting lineup. An original maze will have to be heavily influenced by something ingrained in pop culture.
- Terror Tram will get the same treatment as it did this year, lots of theme and scenes and set pieces. I think this time they'll work on getting a better flow of people though with two separate trails. This could also be really cool for repeat visits.
- Return of the scarezone gauntlet. It was always fairly empty, but the idea could be improved upon and tweaked to get a good flow of people somehow. Or maybe even moved.
- Harry Potter will be open. Final night saw a good flow of people in that area and that was a low attendance night. It spread the crowds a bit more, with the ride never getting higher than an hour wait time. And most mazes got to 90 minutes at the most, instead of doubling to insane 3 hour waits. Hippogriff might be another story, as the line was always super short, however it wasn't advertised. I'd love to see it stay open though.
- Same amount of mazes. Same exact spots, with the exception of maybe the 747 area.
- The Walking Dead probably won't get any cool additions just yet. The line for it was still pretty high at most times of the night. Maybe next year when they see it get more House of Horrors-like wait times.
- The maze short list: American Horror Story (Asylum & Roanoke), Saw: Legacy, Conjuring/Annabelle, Resident Evil (games), It (remake), Scream (films or TV series), The Exorcist (returning or based on the show), Carpenter's The Thing, Trick 'r Treat, Insidious, Rings.
- As for AHS, I think they'll do two seasons this time instead of 3. This way, they won't run out of seasons so fast or accidentally end up feeling like they have to do a full maze on a season that wouldn't work - imagine being stuck with that mega-maze of a space and only having Coven to work with.



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Jan 10, 2013
No man's land: SoCal
Now DTH has made his way over here! Welcome to the dark side!  B)

Cant figure out why, but everyone is kinda just migrating over here while HNN has died out with discussion. Weird. 


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May 23, 2013
I want Stranger Things, I won't get Stranger Things so I'm bummed out.