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Horizons: Resurrected


Staff member
Sep 22, 2011
They were early adopters of Disney urbex-ing, I see.

Being serious, this is fascinating and also probably the best documentation of the ride out there. I never got to ride Horizons (or at least I don't remember riding it), but this video sort of makes me feel like I did.


Premium Member
May 20, 2013
We just watched this last night. Normally I would be totally against what they did, but in hindsight it was great that they did this. To have the kind of stories they had along with the documentation of everything in the ride, it kind of felt like being there in person again.

I also have to admit, I'm super jelly of all the souvenirs they got from it. I think this is slightly different than the Buzzy story, since they were all pretty much throw aways that they took, never anything that took away from the show.

For some reason it just felt like the right way to end the Horizons story, as a celebrated ride that was ahead of its time technologically as well as conceptually, as one of the only (maybe only) sequels to a previous ride; instead of just disappearing unceremoniously.

I watched the entire thing, but got something in my eye at the end so may have missed part of it at the very end.