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Horror Movies Thread

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I thought it was trying to do too many things (in contrast with the relatively straightforward X and PEARL), didn't find the "mystery" satisfactory, and thought it was tonally inconsistent.

Well-directed and shot, though.
I agree, it was stuffed to the brim with characters and Big Ideas that ultimately culminate in a messy finale.
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It all revolves around Maxine and everything felt nice and tight to me. I think the mystery solution makes perfect sense and there really wasn't any other answer. I also thought the tone was pitch perfect, just as it was in X.

To each their own, I can't wait to let it simmer a while before doing a trilogy re-watch! Also hoping someone does some sweet custom art prints that encompasses all three films that would make a very nice poster for my house.
Anyone else falling hard for the Longlegs promo campaign?? I actually can’t remember the last time I was this excited for a movie, their marketing team is leaving absolutely no crumbs.
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It's seems like every fall we get a small update on this potential Trick r Treat sequel. Is this the year we finally get a green light? I'm not one for sequels but I need some more Sam screen time lol.

On a side note I'm shocked its taken this long, especially with the low budget horror films are notorious for having. If they did a theatre release this time, they'd have no problem recouping a profit and more than likely a sizeable profit.
I saw X and saw PEARL. not maxxxine yet

X was kind of dumb and annoying.
unlikable characters. it had an interesting plot of doing a porn movie, but outside of the raunchy scenes, they did nothing interesting with it
the exact same movie could have been told without the porn part of it.
(I know that the porn stuff connects to pearl but it was poorly done and not earned,)
mia goth is kinda wasted on X as the young porn star. the old couple was interesting but not developed properly. ( again, I know PEARL develops it)
X has a lot of interesting stuff that they set up and falls flat.

PEARL on the other hand I really liked. I loved it.
I loved mia goth as pearl. I loved her daydreaming and her goofing around. Iove the relationship with the mom. I love that she sneaks to the theater. I loved everything.
excellent, Excellent movie.

I would have appreciated x better if I saw it after pearl.
Longlegs doesn't fully come together but when it rips, it *rips*.

Vague spoilers: there's a looooong shot towards the beginning that had the audience on the edge of their seat. Nothing is happening and it's terrifying.
My thoughts on Longlegs:

A modern masterpiece and Oz Perkin’s best work to date. Sometime in the 90s Lee Harken (Maika Monroe), a young and “highly intuitive” FBI agent, is given the task of investigating a decades-long serial killer case. That’s about all I can say plot-wise without going into spoilers.

Maika Monroe stars as Lee, and puts on something quite different from what we’ve seen from her before. Lee is quiet and emotionally distant, though she does grow to show more emotion as the film progresses. She resembles a mix of Clarice Starling from Silence of the Lambs and Will Graham from Red Dragon/Manhunter. It’s always good to see Monroe on the big screen, and it’s a joy to see her back in a horror film (where she belongs).

Blair Underwood shines as Carter, Lee’s friendly but no-nonsense FBI superior. His role is certainly a supporting one, but Carter is a likable and very memorable character. Alicia Witt is also pretty good as Lee’s extremely religious mother.

Nic Cage plays Longlegs, the unhinged and cocoa-for-cuckoo puffs serial killer at the center of the film. Wow. Just wow. We are so lucky to have Nic Cage. He is such a gift. As Longlegs, he puts on one of his all-time best performances and in the process emerges as a horror icon. On display are all of his usual Cage-isms, but here you will laugh out of nervousness and unease. To put it simply: Cage’s Longlegs is unsettling and terrifying. The stuff nightmares are made of. Although I couldn’t stop smiling every time he was on screen, I was still very much afraid of him. Long legs has minimal screen time in the film named after and about him, but Cage easily runs away with the entire proceedings.

Oz Perkins (son of the late, great Anthony Perkins. Yes, THAT Anthony Perkins) directs and writes, and does both masterfully. The script is expertly crafted and the direction is taut. Just about every scene is filled with an almost unbearable building dread and tension.

The cinematography by Andres Arochi fits this film perfectly. There is an expert use of negative space, changing aspect ratios, and wide shots throughout (all of which only add to the tension and unease for the viewer). The editing by Greg Ng and Graham Fortin is pretty great too. The score by Zilgi is exquisite and creepy, perfectly adding to the dread and suspense in each scene. The sound design by Eugenio Battaglia is superb as well, and is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Longlegs plays like an ultra-dark, very twisted take on Thomas Harris material (author of Silence of the Lambs, Red Dragon, and Hannibal) with a hard occult/satanic edge and some supernatural shadings. The film moves like a slow freight train gradually picking up speed. The events play out like unavoidable, unstoppable horrors. The ending doesn’t quite hit the mark, but it comes close enough to the bullseye and makes sense considering the subject matter and influences we’re dealing with.

Longlegs is easily in contention for best horror film of the year. It’s guaranteed to linger long after the end credits roll, and might even give some nightmares. It’s the real deal. If you love horror, Oz Perkins, Maika Monroe, Nic Cage, or Thomas Harris then you owe it to yourself to check out this sick, ugly (and I say ugly in the best way possible) little flick.

I’ve liked Ozgood Perkins since The Blackcoat’s Daughter… that movie a a very slow burn, so be patient with it (and remain spoiler free), but it really pays off.

That said, I wasn’t as enthralled with his other effort, I am the Pretty Thing that Lives in the House. Even so, I do recognize it’s a well made film. He is definitely going to be one to watch, and I’m looking forward to seeing this.
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So so so happy about this. I saw the movie last night and LOVED it. Truly unsettling stuff. I don't think any other movie has made me that anxious before. It felt like I was hyperventilating the whole time. Between this and AQP: Day One being box office successes, seems it's a great summer for horror movies.

Longlegs is the best horror movie I’ve seen in a very, very long time (and I watch new/new to me horror films every single night which means I see A LOT). It was so atmospheric and dreadful from start to finish, but, most importantly, the acting in that film was unbelievable. Literally not a single actor felt off or out of place, but Nicolas Cage especially… I cannot overstate it enough if he doesn’t at least get an Oscar nomination it will be straight up highway robbery.

I’m gonna keep this post spoiler free but please y’all, if you’re on the fence about seeing this one—go. Now. Don’t look up anything but a showtime and go see it because if you’re a fan of ominous, uncomfortable, creepy horror you will not be disappointed. And if that’s not your thing then you’ll at least be entertained by Nicolas Cage because there’s no denying how incredible he was to watch in that role.
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I am going to have to be a bit of a contrarian here, but I found Longlegs to be quite a bit overhyped and overrated. I've enjoyed Osgood Perkins previous films and he clearly has talent, but he is still mostly style over substance at this point.

This film blatantly took aspects from Silence of the Lambs and especially from David Fincher's work like Seven, Zodiac and Mindhunter without adding to them in any meaningful way. I actually laughed when I saw the reverse credit crawl at the end.

The characters I found to be largely shallow stock entities with little to get one invested in them. They were there to serve Perkins aesthetic and mood but little else. Plus the ending was beyond obvious to me after only 30 minutes in. I found there to be few surprises.

Also, I have to vehemently disagree with the assessment of Cage's performance. I found him to be woefully miscast. From the ridiculous makeup choice to his typical over the top histrionics that were COMPLETELY tonally at odds with the mood of the rest of the film. People in my theater were demonstrably laughing at times at him. Something that utterly destroyed any tension the director was going for.

I wanted to like if not love this film. Unfortunately, it wound up boring me for most of its runtime.
Longlegs is a phenomenal film. So superbly dripping with tension and paranoia the film itself feels like a cursed object that should only be viewed within the confines of a secured, padded room. Performances are excellent across the board, especially Maika Monroe, Alicia Witt and Nicholas Cage. As someone who is never found of the antics of over the top Cage, he's always been capable of excellent acting and here he utilizes some absolutely insane creative choices in the most delirious of manners and they make total sense within this story. The cinematography and sound design are prestige levels of direction. Oz Perkins is a modern master of elevated horror and deserves all the flowers.

Not sure if it'll be at the tip top of my yearly ranking but it definitely lives up to the hype, especially when you go in dark.