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Incident in Parking Garage


May 6, 2012
Tampa <---> Orlando
There appears to have been some kind of incident in the parking garage tonight. At this time all guests are being denied entry back into the parking garage. Tons of people are on the walkway into the garage. I have seen a few medics and a bunch of security officers. Free bottles of water are now being handed out. About 30 minutes ago a helicopter with a spot light was circling around the parks. Checked out a few police active call sites, one says “mutual aid” and the other said “suspicious incident”. Anyone know what’s going on?

Edit: This took me about 15 minutes to write but as of 9:58 foot traffic has resumed back to the garage. To my knowledge this incident ands it’s effect seemed to have went on for 30+ minutes.

Update: Just to clarify I am at Citywalk
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