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Issues fitting in rafts for larger guests?


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Jun 25, 2009
I'm thinking about taking my first trip to Volcano Bay, but I'm a little worried about some of the slides since I'm a bigger dude. I know about the rides with weight limits already. But for the larger rafts family style rafts with bigger weight limits, do people get rejected for having issues getting their butts in the raft seats? I'd hate to get up their just to get sent back down because I couldn't safely ride. Any insight is appreciated.


Jan 28, 2017
@The family raft slide with the 2-3 fountains, that raft definitely felt snugger (and I am medium slimish) mainly because the raft was firmer ie no give / no sinking in.

The Taniwawa (?) tubes are front facing dinghies for 1-2 people, so more likely to be able to ride as can go as a 1. There are four of those to enjoy on one tower. Similarly Punga Racers is a solo ride and also four of those.

Appreciate you want to go on family raft rides - so FYI each tower contains two family raft rides and both rides load on the same open platform, so worse case, if you can’t go on (higher wall) blue turtle you should be able to transfer / walk across to the green family raft ride.

Good luck.