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Major Sweets Candy Factory (HHN 33)

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I mean, I'm getting Schittie's Kids meets Saws 'n' Steam vibes- not that I can remember 2011 as vividly as I'd like, but I remember the industrial/factory setting done pretty well inside the cramped Jaws queue so...I have a good amount of faith that an original concept created with the F&F footprint in mind won't be a failure in that regard.

The question now just becomes, how much of the experience is killer kids and how much is grimy factory? Personally I'd hope for something a bit like the retired Dark Ride at Knott's- weaving between the "open for visitors" portion of the factory and the "employees only" areas where things are a little more grusome.
I know today's location and setup are entirely different, but I'm reminded of when we had Giggles and Gore in San Francisco, specifically in the Disaster Queue ten years ago. That house was underrated in HHN history, in my opinion. I'm hopeful that this new factory house will capture a similarly unsettling tone, especially with the concept of sweets. We'll see.

What I'm most interested in about this house is the new layout for the F&F queue in general. From what I've heard, all the changes might benefit the location.
So, do we think that Sweets and this mysterious god-like icon we keep hearing about are connected in some way? Major Sweets possibly being under its influence or gaining power from it somehow? It would be a fun way to tie the icon in with a house if they decide to go in that direction this year.
not sure how kids belong in a candy factory... lol. is this going full willy wonka?
i was really excited for this until i saw the location, not sure what to expect except for narrow hallways,
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