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Marathon of Mayhem: Carnage Factory

Lucky Planet

Veteran Member
Sep 23, 2013
When me and my wife finally did this show last night I can’t tell you how bummed we were in the end to realize Beetlejuice was never in it. We were like what the heck happened?!…Big mistake by Universal and just didn’t make sense for whatever reason they decided they didn’t want to do it. It literally felt like if a movie left out the ending lol I was bummed but my wife was definitely let down. The whole show she was smiling expecting that grand finale with Beetlejuice and then when it ended her face completely changed. Huge missed opportunity for Universal!

Yeah I agree. It felt like they were compensating for not doing Beetlejuice. But totally could’ve shown more of the other Icons or something else. And what’s funny is these types of things don’t usually bother me but the lagoon show was cool just because of what its like but had some huge flaws that I’m sure Universal knew about but just decided not add to or fix. I liked all the houses this year but the shows and some of the scare zones completely missed the mark in my opinion. It’s the 30th anniversary. It should’ve been much bigger. But at the same time I’m very grateful we got Horror Nights this year considering the cancellation of last year..

Yeah it was like they had somebody who doesn’t usually edit this stuff or the usual writer they often have. Maybe because of stupid Covid??..I know they didn’t have the chainsaw people by Springfield this year because of shortage of workers this year…
I'm sure it's a licensing issue, but the show definitely could have used BJ, along with Danny Elfman's score.
someone saidthat maybe they couldnt use the bettlejuice music, but a montage with different music could have worked, if the music was the problem, i wish they tried something different.
but if bettlejuice was completely off the table, they could have used scenes of texas chainsaw 2, specially Chop Top, they could have used a little bit of his scenes,
but they dont even properly use scenes of texas chainsaw 1, we see leatherface for a liitle bit but most of that segment is that weird abstract chainsaw art, it's king of a mess, i dont get why texas chainsaw scenes werent used more properly.... (maybe they werent allowed) very little of texas chainsaw was actually used,
if uni wasnt allowed to properly used any of the IP scenes, they could have used footage from the icons' commercials or old hhn commercials,
most of this show looks like a windows screen saver :lol::lol:

shoulda coulda woulda....
yeah i know i am ranting and the show cant be changed, it is what it is, i know they didnt copy the video format from 2019 and tried something different. something more unique.
but im kinda baffled at how this show was made. uni has access to many many hours of hhn footage from commercials and promos and queue vids and stuff, if the IP owners didnt let them use too much footage then uni should have used footage from the icons' tv ads or something. im baffled and disappointed in how different this show is from 2019. 2019 show was one of the coolest things i ever saw.