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Netflix's Resident Evil


Jun 27, 2017
I think it looks generic, if this gets over a 6/10 reviews I'd be suprised

I always want these to be good..but action...doesn't matter doesn't seem as good as the games.


Mar 6, 2020
It looks... fine? I am an unabashed fan of everything Resident Evil from the games to the Millia Jovovich adaptation series and I even (forced) myself to have some fun with Welcome to Racoon City. This feels like a reboot of the MJ series; taking bits and pieces of the lore and injecting them into a generic, frenzied horror-action set piece extravaganza. It looks like it has the potential to be the best live action adaptation of the game franchise but that's definitely not saying a ton.

I just loathe the fact that no one seems to want to do an atmospheric, foreboding, hellishly frightening version of the original Spencer mansion incident. It can literally write itself.