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Official Orlando United Opening Night Meet-up (9/19)


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Jan 22, 2008
Orlando, FL
It's rapidly approaching! Halloween Horror Nights is a mere 5 weeks away. The entire OU staff will be on hand for opening weekend, so we're organizing a meet-up.

This will be a special event. We're working in conjunction with TheTimTracker. Many of you have probably seen his YouTube videos. He's a popular Vlogger who often posts content about the trips he and his wife take to the Orlando parks.

There's only 2 requirements as of now. The first is obviously that you have a valid admission for Halloween Horror Nights. The 2nd is that this is an 18+ year old event. We're sorry, but we can not be considered as chaperone for younger members of the site.

As of now, the only detail set in stone is that the event will take place on Friday, September 19th. Time and location of the meet up will be determined at a later time.

For now, please reply to this thread if you have intentions of joining us. Please include if you'll have any guests as well so we can get a general idea of how many people to expect.

Hope to see you all there!

- The OU Staff

Location: Duff Gardens
Time: 7:30pm


1. BriMan + 2
2. Drew
3. hatetofly
4. Ad0niS8 + 2
5. rinacee + 1
6. AllAroundOrlando
7. redfoxagent
8. Mockingjay + 2
9. MKDean19
10. SeventyOne
11. Felipe
12. Tryg
13. TheManInTheMOLLEVest + 1
14. Zombie-C
15. SirOwenDisney
16. s8film40
17. bucsbin +1
18. Megadis13
19. neoshinok +1
20. Hockeyman +1
21. BrianC
22. PrismPhoenix +1
23. DisneyDweller
24. kyzman +1
25. Mikesvlogtv +1
26. BritLuke +1
27. BusyBee
28. SGT623
29. lgr9812
30. HiredDemise +1
31. eatmecafe
32. OnyxTheGreat +1
33. MikeTheBoss
34. Bubblehead20
35. Poor Judgement Crew +10 to 20...
36. Mr. J Griffin
37. Elvenage
38. Jay_F + 4
39. Nicki + 2
40. rachmariefitz +1
41. Roodlesnouter
42. Milla4Prez66
43. JeremyFilmzZ
44. jarmor
45. hurrican454 +1
46. Boomer9168
47. ChrisM
48. Erik Y +1
49. eatmecafe +2
50. melodiousdiscord
51. JTWDisneyLovers +1
52. Earl F +1
53. ajentj +2
54. Barrelbob


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May 20, 2013
This is an awesome idea and I would love to meet the other theme park enthusiasts.

I plan to join you fine group of people along with my fiancee.


aka Hatetofly
Mar 16, 2010
Were really excited about this meet up and hope that a large group comes out to experience HHN 24 with us and the Trackers!! Its going to be a lot of fun and please keep in mind we are NOT doing HHN Express during this meet up as we pass through houses. This has been in planning for a long time and we know many of you out there have wanted to do a meet up. We have listened and we hope this turns into a great time with great participation.

More info to come!!! But please make sure you post if your coming and how many in your group!! 18 years of age and up are welcome!!


aka Hatetofly
Mar 16, 2010
I'll be going to the cooler meet up the next week. With blackjack. And hookers!

You know what, forget the blackjack!
Indeed!! Parkscope is hosting a much cooler meet up the following weekend!! They are meeting at Magic Kingdom for Mickeys not so Scary Halloween Party!! You guys have fun!! JK Ill be there as well lol


Jun 24, 2014
Thanks for putting this meet up together. I'll be there.

Also just a side note in case your meeting up at the pass holder area. Employees can not enter the annual pass holder event unless invited along as a guest but stay and scream area is fine.


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Jun 14, 2010
South West FL
Firstly, I won't be 18 by the time you guys go unfortunately, one month away! But the biggest factor is price point and the fact that I won't have a vehicle that I'd trust to take to Orlando at that point.
However, I certainly hope this goes well and you guys can continue to do it in the future because I'd really love to do it! Sounds like it will be a wonderful time!