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Orlando trip Dec 9-10, 2014

Allen The Actor

Allen The Actor
Jan 10, 2013
Hill Valley, California
Uhhhh. ET. Lots and lots of ET. :) Please and thank you!

And honestly? Just both the parks! I'm not picky, I'd love to see lots of pictures! Ideally I'd love for you to film a self reaction video of you stepping inside and seeing Diagon Alley for the first time :)

Any small cool architectural or design details would be fun!


Jan 9, 2013
The Netherlands
Hi Chris,

I have an unusal request. Do you have a video camera with you and is it possible for you to film with infrared/night vision? I'm still looking for 4 shots of the Terminator 2 3D show, all in night vision.
1) a shot of Kimberley's boot being lowered down
2) a shot of Terminator and John ascending in the small lift when they enter skynet.
3) a shot of John and Sarah ascending (and quickly after it descending) with the small lift at the end.
4) a shot of the T-70 units being lowered down into their boxes.

Is this something you can perhaps film with night vision?

A whole show in night vision would perhaps also be funny and interesting to see, but I don't want you risking anything. :-)


Veteran Member
Jun 23, 2009
Southern California
Hi all, sorry for being away for a while.  I just started a new job and life is busy.  I have plenty of photos to share, but it will take time for me to get them organized.  Diagon Alley impressed beyond expectations and the entire trip went very well.
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