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Pacific Rim Ride at Indonesia's Trans Studio Cibubur


Mar 5, 2016
Pacific Rim: Shatterdome Strike at Indonesia's Trans Studio Cibubur pack recently soft opened and there's a pretty decent POV video of the experience on Youtube now. I say 'experience', because this ride seems more than a typical 3D dark ride. If you put Transformers, Spiderman, Rise of the Resistance, and Poseidon's Fury in a blender, something like this would be the result (Though less technologically advanced than most of those).

Not sure these vehicles have motion bases like Spidey/TF (Oceaneering built both of those and this ride) but it does several very cool things that make up for that IMO:
-Lining up during the pre-show in front of doors only to be 'evacuated' through a separate door in the back of the room really helps to sell the emergency evacuation aspect
-Exiting the first ride vehicle after hitting a dead end and being handed flashlights to make your way to the next ride vehicle
-The walkthrough "Kaiju Encounter: The Ride". Has any major theme park attraction ever had a ride within a ride? (also, that Kaiju head you walk through gives MIB Alien Attack feels)
-Several live actors and soap suds(?) for 'alien guts' during the walkthrough portion
-Several large physical sets throughout both 3D ride portions

This ride reminds me of the early rumors of what Rise of the Resistance would be like, with guests entering and exiting two separate ride vehicles during the entire experience. It's interesting to see two rides open almost back to back with such a focus on immersive storytelling, even tying the queue aspect with live actors into the overall experience. This does seem to be the next level of theme park immersion, so I wonder where we'll see something similar next. In a less visited indoor theme park this will probably work fine enough, but how would something like this ever fare in a high capacity Universal/Disney park?

What do you all think of this ride?

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Jan 10, 2013
No man's land: SoCal
This looks interesting. I don't think something like this would be feasible capacity-wise for major parks like Disney or Universal. While this is something different, this set-up is not something I prefer on a ride. Once I board the actual ride, it's implied that part of the experience is the main course and what we waited for. If I had to get off during the middle of the ride only to get back on again, I would find that pointless and frankly annoying. I just waited in line through all of those pre-shows and now have to get up and run after two minutes of sitting down? RotR has nailed the whole "experience" aspect in that it would *kinda* incorporate these aspects from the ride, but all of that is done before the actual ride. That way, the main experience isn't disrupted.

As for the ride itself, there are some good ideas, but I think the lab stuff could've been done before boarding the ride. The "going inside of the Kiju" gimmick could've easily been on the ride. I did like the finale of you being inside of the giant robot. That was done in a clever way. Other than that, it doesn't look overwhelming. I would find the walk-through experience in the middle of the ride disruptive and annoying.
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Jul 18, 2008
I'm actually really impressed with this attraction for it not being from one of the majors. It really is a 15-minute experience. Yes, getting on, off, and then back on a ride is a little awkward but overall it's really cool.

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Apr 19, 2019
My only issue is that load and unload seem obvious. While the initial unload is “unplanned,” you can pretty obviously see the unload platform with attendants waiting for you. It’s one of those things that really make me appreciate Rise’s lack of load platform (Although I do wish Rise’s unload felt a little less theme park-y)