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Joshua Porter

Aug 3, 2017
Hey all!

I know there are various posts or threads about park vlogs or thoughts on vloggers but I have been struggling to find a dedicated thread for folks to post their creativity on! With so many of us visiting the parks regularly and others not so regularly, it could be a good idea to set up a thread where amateurs and those who do it all the time can post what they do and (hopefully) support each other?

We recently visited WDW and Universal in October/November. I suggested we film as much as we could without letting it take over our experience and decided to start editing them in short, song-length, videos. To be honest, I didn't even do it to post anywhere but for us to keep as a way of remembering the trips we take. However, here we are! ( I was persuaded by my better half). I have a film and photography background but gave it up a few years ago (career took over) but it was extremely fun to get back to editing and have a rummage through the footage.

Anyways, this was filmed on GoPro and iPhone and I would love if you had a little look!

Please post your videos, blogs and photos! Would love to subscribe to some other channels and take in as much as possible!

(Apologies if this has been done and I have missed it, let me know and I will remove this thread/post elsewhere)
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