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Passholder MeetUp?

This would be geared to Jon and the rest of the IU Editors / Moderators:
I don't know if this makes sense with the multiple Annual and Seasonal passes, but have you guys / girls thought of organizing a meet-up for 2017?
With the varying blackout dates, I don't know how difficult or even feasible this would be, but figured I throw the question out to the group.

I referenced 2017, assuming / hoping / against better judgement that USH will have their Annual & Season Passes streamlined, leaving the cluster you-know-what of 2016 behind them.

Ha Ha Ha.

Jon Fu

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Staff member
Jul 26, 2010
We tried it in the past, but the rain put a downer on attendance. I'm not sure if the community is willing to try again given all the different pass structures.

Curious to hear thoughts from our members though.
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Thanks Jon. Unfortunately I was one of those from the last attempt that the rain played a deciding factor in making the drive from South OC. (We were actually really disappointed we couldn't make it).
But I'd be for it after the holidays and upgrading our passes. Appreciate the feedback!