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Picture of the Day - Orlando


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Feb 1, 2008
It was weird...the tigers were really active at AK today. We saw 3 of them that were up and walking around a lot and getting really close so we could get some good pictures.



Feb 1, 2008
Nashville, TN
wow kristi...that is wonderful...i loved the castle this year as well! i took many pictures but its just a pain for me to upload them to the internet.

i see donald in the bottom corner...who are the other two people?

is the castle back to normal now?

They'll be back. They spent way too much money on them to not ever use them again.

Cinderella and Prince Charming.
I agree they'll be back, while it did cost alot, it also got alot of great positive feedback!
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Feb 1, 2008
South FL
My own addition for today:

It's the Fountain of Nations (I think... that's the one with the little "show", right?) in all its glory.

Oh, what the heck, tomorrow is coming up soon anyway.... I find it slightly embarassing and hilarious at the same time:

My dad and Pluto: homies fo' life.... DAWG!