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Planning first visit!


Dec 17, 2013
Wanted to say "hi" -- I'm new to the forum and site.  Great site and thank you for it!  We have been to US Orlando but are planning our first trip to CA and will be going to USH on March 9 (a Sunday).  Other than attractions and shows, are there any "must see" little things that are fun to see? For example, at Disneyland, I have learned to touch the apple at Snow White's ride and you hear the witch laugh.

Any little things like that at USH?  Any "be sure and notice ______ when in the queue for _____________." Or look up at the _______ building and notice the ____________."

Thanks! We are excited to experience the park!
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Jon Fu

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Jul 26, 2010
Hey Ferg,

Welcome to the site! There aren't many official gags that spawn easter-egg reactions like the type you'd see at Disneyland or even at Islands of Adventure, but there are remnants of history and sparks of trivia scattered throughout the park.

If you're looking at theme park gags, here's a few that I can name off the top of my head:

- Back to the Future gets a nice mention in the Simpsons queue video.

- Try to find some Bort license plates in the Kwik-E-Mart gift shop.

- Jurassic Park has a few Barbasol shaving cream cans scattered throughout the ride. Most notably, there's one right before you disembark (head to the second floor patio above the spashdown to catch a glimpse).

- Another Jurassic Park gag: just before you head up the lift, be sure to catch a listen to the radio to the left side of the boat. You should hear the Girl from Ipanema which is often used as a gag in movies (Blues Brothers, for instance).

- As you walk down Baker Street (London Street), stop by the toy store and look for a small bullhorn speaker. You'll hear a recording of an old British radio station playing.

I'm sure there are a few others that our members can fill in, but I'm fresh out for now!
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Chris Glass

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Aug 5, 2013
There's a lot of 'shows' that aren't really mentioned on the map.

Like in the London area, Baker Street, there's a piano player that comes out at the top of every hour for about 20 minutes. At the same time, some French can-can dancers will drive by and pose for photos in the Paris area.

Over there you can also find Sherlock Holme's apartment, along with other little details in the windows.


Jun 15, 2013
San Diego, CA
There's the two gags in the queue of Revenge of the Mummy. One is a hole in the wall that shoots air when you stick your hand in and the other is the Book of Amun Ra that's motion sensored when you put your hand over it.
Welcome to the site!

Another little fun nod is the archway beside Mel's Diner leading into the courtyard. If you look up, it reads Faber College. Animal House fans will recognize that as the college from the film.

Also Jon there's only one Barbasol can as far as I know...but now I'm going to look again.


Jan 9, 2013
The Netherlands
Isn't there a Mickey Mouse hat floating in the water of Jurassic Park as a joke to the Disney park? By the Dilophosaurus.
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Dec 17, 2013
I'm back and trying to plan again! You guys were so helpful but our trip ended up being cancelled as my daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer two months before our trip.  She just finished her last chemo and is cancer free so we are now trying to reschedule our trip for this July!
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Feb 14, 2013
Huntington Beach, CA
Welcome back, glad to know your daughter is okay!

Now that your trip is planned for this July, quite a bit has changed. The new Springfield land taking over the previous hodgepodge area surrounding The Simpsons Ride opens next month, and the new Studio Tour additions (Fast & Furious: Supercharged, Nighttime Studio Tour) should both be ready to roll out by the time you visit the park. Expect bigger crowds since you're visiting right when these all open, and especially since you'll be there during the summer.

On the bright side, there will be a lot more for you to do than there was a year ago!


Dec 17, 2013
That's great!  I am leaning toward maybe getting one of the front of the line passes to try and help with the crowds as we are looking at a summer Saturday as the time that might best work for our schedule.  Getting excited. Anyone have a suggestion of a hotel nearby that is reasonable?