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Question About Cabana Bay Rooms


Aug 6, 2018

I’m wanting to reserve a Tower Family Suite for my honeymoon (my fiancé and I love mid century modern styles!). But in researching, it seems like there’s different kinds. And when you go to book on the Universal site, it only has 3 options, so I need to know which room I should book on the site. I know there are different Buildings (Americana, Starlight, Thunderbird, etc.) and a new Beachside tower. Some of the suites seem to have just one bathroom, while some have 2 and 2 bedrooms, some have interior entry and some have exterior entry, etc. To make things simple, here’s what I’m hoping for: an interior room with a good view and no connection to the room next to it (I’ve had bad experiences with loud guests in neighboring rooms and connecting doors don’t help with noise). I really like the rooms seen in these videos: Universal's Cabana Bay Beach Resort - Tower Family Suite - YouTube and Cabana Bay Tower Family Suite -Poolside View - YouTube. Especially a view of the water slide (and the lights at night)!

One last thing. I remember Orlando used to do Harry Potter special reservations. With, I think, little Harry Potter freebies and breakfast reservations at both HP restaurants. We booked one a few years ago but had to cancel. I went on the site to look and didn’t see anything about it. Do they still do those occasionally and should I wait until they do again?

Thank you so much for any info you can give!

Skipper Justin

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May 8, 2010
Pensacola, FL
Tower are all interior entry. The new towers also have 2 bedroom suites. If you want a view go with volcano side (volcano bay view) or pool side view (regular towers). These are the standard rooms but with better views.