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Ray Rush: Opening Spring 2018


Veteran Member
Oct 13, 2013
I know they are installing a new lounging area as well beneath Ray Rush and Walhalla Wave. Makes me wonder if part of the reason is because they are already thinking of a new slide, which will take up part of an existing lounge area.


Jan 7, 2018
Tim Tracker posted a video yesterday from his visit Sunday. He thinks it should be open soon. My thought is it should be open for the Memorial Day holiday.


Premium Member
Jul 18, 2008
What a Universal-like opening announcement. :lol: I imagine we'll get something that close-in for Infinity Falls too.

Scott W.

Premium Member
Feb 26, 2014
Looks good and I think this will convince me to get back to the park. I’ve also since realised that the only time I went was crazy busy because it was Labor Day.

I've also never noticed that Tim Tracker sounds like a South Park character: