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RUN: Blood, Sweat and Fears


Veteran Member
Apr 6, 2014
Rushmore Academy
They should've renamed this one to fan service the house. My god this is a HHN fanboys wet dream, I've never been through a run house or hell gate so it'll be an exciting new experience for me. Can't wait


May 22, 2015
Tampa Bay area
I'm really looking forward to this and I hope they still taunt the guests. The taunting made both Run and Hellgate memorable. F.Y.I. I have video of the original Run on an old Hi-8 tape and the camcorder has been broken several years. If somebody can help me convert the video and make it viewable on the internet, could you please send me a private message?


Jul 1, 2010
As a a newb can I ask what might be an obvious question, what exactly is this?

...and do you have to run through it / get chased through it?
The original Run, which this seems more of an homage to, was heavily based off "The Running Man." A cheesy but awesome 80s movie where Arnold Schwarzanagger (sp?) is on a futuristic game show where people try to kill him. Sort of an American Gladiators meets The Most Dangerous Game. You didn't really run in the house, but they implied you would, and scare-actors would pop up at various points to drive you through the maze as music and strobe lights pulsed. Also, the layout constantly shifted, with movable walls.

[Random fact about the original movie: Arnold, the hero, went on to become Governor of California; the "final boss" in the film, Jesse Ventura, went on to become Governor of Minnesota.]

Hellgate Prison was a pretty typical prison-set house, just really well executed. Still a fan-favorite years later.


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May 20, 2013
So much excite!!!!! Please do not let me down Run, you have everything you need going for you. Please!!!!!! I have been waiting for this one house to come back ever since the first time I went through it all those years ago. With Hell Gaaate PRIsonnn added on this had needs to be an absolute show stopper.