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Aug 15, 2014
I don't remember where I remember some of you discussing this but thought might as well make a thread for the park because for some reason it doesn't already have one.

Behind the Thrills posted an article detailing some new schedules and additions for the park starting 2016.
Behind the Thrills | SeaWorld San Antonio announces full schedule and additionadditions for 2016

It specifically mentions:

1. The three new experiences for Dolphin Point (a kind of smaller version of Discovery Cove), Dolphin Lagoon, Beluga Bay and Sea Lion Shallows. Each of these is simply replacing the already existing interaction programs with a longer and more professional program that starts at the Dolphin Point check-in area. The Sea Lion Shallows and Beluga Bay programs take a shuttle from the check-in area to their respective pools in SeaWorld.

2. A confirmed new entrance for the SeaWorld San Antonio park and Dolphin Point. The arches will turn into an entrance into a hub area were guests will then continue to their desired park specific entrances, these are where admission will be required past.

I'm really glad to see this park continue to get some attention, it'd be easy to let this one slide with the company not doing so well.
Good to see them touching up on the S.A. park. Even before the company started going down I feel like the S.A. park was always neglected. Last major addition was Atlantis in 2007.
Would ya look at that, it seems my guess was correct. SeaWorld San Antonio got a new entrance area during the off season and you can now buy tickets to Aquatica and SeaWorld separately and when Discovery Point opens it will be like a third gate.

This is what SeaWorld Orlando would have ended up being set-up in the best case scenario.
The new coaster is expected to cost about $18 million and begin construction in August. We should hear more in September.
SeaWorld San Antonio's twitter has been hinting at a new attraction announcement happening tomorrow, and it looks like construction walls are going up...
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I thought this would be a much smaller scale family coaster for some reason. It looks really fun.
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Looks like Texas got the best new addition of the SeaWorld parks this year. Good for them, they needed it.
Was supposed to drive there next week but ended up having to cancel the trip, so I won't get to ride it until August.

I actually think San Antonio got the best addition two years in a row now. While Mako was massive last year for Orlando, I think Discovery Point in TX was an even bigger addition (and to a lesser extent, the new entry plaza which was much needed).
If you haven't seen Discovery point think Discovery cove- but just the dolphin portion with underwater viewing, sand, great theming, etc.
It's by a mile the best themed area in the entire park.
SeaWorld & Aquatica San Antonio 2018:
What's New | SeaWorld San Antonio


Sesame Street® Parade
The iconic brand expands out of the Sesame Street Bay of Play® and onto the pathways with the addition of a neighborhood street party parade. This daily event features everyone’s favorite Sesame Street friends, 10 themed floats, contemporary tunes including Sesame Street favorites and three show-stopping performances throughout the parade route. The Sesame Street Parade will make its debut in spring 2018.


Taumata Racer®
For those who prefer life in the fast lane, the new Taumata Racer high-speed racing water slide at Aquatica San Antonio will zoom riders down a slide and in and out of tunnels before crossing the finish line.

Also new for 2018 2 new events for the park:


Electric Ocean (Summer)
When the sun goes down, the night comes to life at SeaWorld’s new Electric Ocean spectacular. Immerse yourself in exotic worlds of light and music in this family-friendly event.


Bier Fest (September)
Raise a glass to toast the end of summer with over 100 craft beers from around the globe, including all your favorite local brews.
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