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Shanghai Disneyland

A lot of people have said this about this park. I think it’s because it’s still very new and doesn’t have that “lived in” appearance yet. Plus the other locations have been around so long they have a certain charm that is missing from here.
I think that's totally possible, but I stand by the ugly castle comment and I think the reason I find the park a bit cold is more related to it's design than it having time to feel lived in.

I hope to one day visit, as I said I haven't been so my opinion is purely based on pics/videos.
One thing about SDL is that it is just so huge. Or at least it feels huge with how spread out everything is. Fantasyland especially just feels massive especially when comparing to HKDL and TDL. That's possible where the slightly sterile feeling and lack of "charm" comes from. That said, the Tomorrowland especially is so beautiful at night. Zootopia will be a great addition, although I hate to think what the wait times will be.
New Vekoma Roller Coaster should be going ahead at Shanghai Disneyland