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Show: Academy of Villains: House of Fear


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Nov 23, 2013
Not for nothing but Jabbawockeez put on an excellent HHN themed show last year in Hollywood. Would've welcomed them to Orlando for sure. It was fantastic.
The Jabbas to me; I was pleasantly surprised about for USH, but I hold reservations about them on what they'll be showing as content for the event.


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Apr 18, 2013
Yeah, I respect people's opinions, but I didn't even make to the end of an 11 minute Youtube video. I will most likely skip this show at HHN.
Haha, yeah I've watched a few of them and I can't seem to stand more than about a minute without having to just skim through it to see if it might get better.
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Brian G.

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Jan 21, 2008
Orlando, FL
Way I see it:

This ties to the theme in a way. We are entering HHN 26 as if we are seeing things in Chance's mind.

It's offering variety. The event is giving you 9 houses, 5 zones, and Bill & Ted to check out (maybe more ;) ) so you'll still have plenty to do. It's definitely not on my interest levels, but I'll give it a shot. With that said, it's giving the guests something other than scares while still tying to Halloween.

If people like it and it gets big crowds, that just means less people in line in front of me. ;)


May 13, 2016
Southeast Alabama
I may be way off base here but I'm a little disappointed that they are bringing in a troupe from California when Orlando has so much talent local. No one is coming to HHN because "Academy of Villains" is the one performing. Universal could have easily put something on the same level of together on its own and made it unique to HHN. Personal opinion though so do with it what you will.

Lucky Planet

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Sep 23, 2013
i know there is a lot of hate and a lot of disappointment but the way i see it this is MUCH, much better and looks more fun than a dumb boring magic show like brian brushwood or 20 penny magic show.
Im only bringing up the magic shows because HHN always gets a lame magic show instead of soemthing cool so for me this look like it could be fun.
It depends on how the stage looks, what tricks they do or what stunts, and it depends on what music they get.

Last year Jack's show had a lot of rock and metal as well as some darker techno and it was perfect.

I hope the music for this show is not hip hop but something darker and something more edgy. Im not saying i wish they did metal songs but the music on the two videos Posted in here kind of sucked. I would hate to hear Missy elliot playing at HHN :ack:

I was a huge, huge fan of Death Drums so i am happy about this (As long as the music FITS HHN....)

I Pray to god there is no Dubstep, what might kill this show for me is the music selection.
The music in the videos is pretty awful
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Lucky Planet

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Sep 23, 2013
it worries me a lot because the music from the show will bleed into the Banshee scarezone and the Vampires scarezone so to have Missy elliot, Digital Underground and Skrillex playing loudly in that area of the park will get pretty cringey.

if this show was done in a stage like Bettlejuice or Terminator then the music wouldn't be a problem by itself, but being out in the open with giant speakers....:look: I really really hope the people at Uni consider this and dont go with the music the show usually goes with.

There is horror themed dark hip hop, but not from groups that are famous, that's pretty indie so i dont know


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Apr 18, 2013
This show may surprise some people. I'm hearing interesting stuff that makes me really want to see it.
If it turns out to be nothing at all like the videos of any of their other work I will be happily surprised!