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May 8, 2010
Gainesville, FL
New for 2018: Wahoo River!
SFA New 2018 | Six Flags America

UPPER MARLBORO, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Six Flags America, The Nation’s Capital of Thrills, today announced that it will debut Wahoo River, an all-new action-packed river adventure, in its water park for the 2018 season.

“Six Flags is recognized for its unparalleled collection of the most innovative rides and attractions in the industry. Wahoo River boasts a myriad of unique water features and will be the new centerpiece of our water park,” said Park President Rick Howarth. “Every year we add new attractions, like this season’s Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth ride. With the new Wahoo River, our guests will have yet another amazing experience they can enjoy together as a family and one more great reason to visit Six Flags America.”

The park’s existing Castaway Creek will be completely removed and replaced with the Bigger, Better and Wetter Wahoo River. Park guests will be thrilled with major enhancements such as a faster current, immersive rockwork theming, huge waterfalls, and tons of interactive, splashing thrills around every turn.

Wahoo River will be 33% wider and over 40% longer than Castaway Creek. The new attraction will include significant upgrades such as a zero depth entry that will make it convenient for guests of all ages to slip into the cool water with inflatable tubes. Friends and family members will have a blast as they float along the river, encountering wall sprayers, aqua archways, tippy water cones and a new wave generator. The journey continues under graceful water arches spanning the entire width of the river—as guests find even more surprises behind the rock waterfall, through the leaky pipes and under the leaky bridge waterworks.

Wahoo River highlights include:

- Up to 18 feet wide; 33% wider and 40% longer;
- Seven different water action zones with sprays, geysers, waves, waterfalls, leaky pipes, aqua arches and bucket dumps;
- A wave generator that pulses waves every few seconds propelling guests down the water channel;
- Colorful buckets dropping gallons of refreshing water from above; and
- Nearly 2,500 feet of new deck space with hundreds of deck chairs.

In 2018, Six Flags America debuts the all-new Wahoo River! Wahoo River will be the new centerpiece of Hurricane Harbor Water Park, with a faster current and an endless array of watery surprises.

All-new themed adventure river
The all-new Wahoo River will immerse you in splash-filled fun and exciting watery surprises around every bend. It will quickly become a family favorite place to play!

Seven different water action zones
Water arches, sprays, geysers, surging waves, waterfalls, leaky pipes and dumping buckets will offer thrilling watery fun.

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This is my local park (unfortunately) so I got excited when I saw this thread bumped and hoped by some miracle they announced a new coaster or conversion :(
Yes, the Harley Quinn Spinner is a welcome addition but I'm more interested in the DC Villain themed bar they announced at the same time. :grin:
The last 'new' addition other than this was the conversion of a mediocre stand up coaster (Apocalypse) into a floorless one called Friebird. That opened last summer with barely a peep. I went to the media preview and first opening weekend which were both pretty lackluster. The state of this park is just sad compared to other SF parks. It needs a GOOD addition (preferably a coaster) to drum up some excitement and help squash the reputation as one of the worst SF parks.
I know I’m bumping an old thread here, but I visited this place for the first time yesterday (first time visiting any Six Flags park believe it or not) and while I had fun for the price I spent, you can really tell this park hasn’t gotten the love it needed. Several parts of the park just closed off, all the coasters there are like 20+ years old and a lot of food and merchandise stands just sitting empty. I get it’s not peak season yet, but was still kind of sad to see. Batwing being down was disappointing too, but I kind of expect something to not be running during non peak seasons at regional parks.

With that said, Superman Ride of Steel slapped and I couldn’t get enough going on it. Hopefully Six Flags shows this park some love soon.