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Spring Break/Late March Tips


Sep 2, 2015
Starting to plan a trip for late March for our Spring Break. This will be at least 2 weeks BEFORE the scheduled April 7th Grand Opening of Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

So, couple of questions -- what kind of crowds, considering the time of year and possible soft opening to different parts of Harry Potter, might we encounter or expect? Next, since Hilton and Sheraton are going to hike up their rates, where else might we stay that we could easily get to and from the park without having a car? Lastly, how is the weather during that time of year?

Thanks in advance ;)


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Jun 23, 2009
Southern California
Welcome to the Forums!

My thoughts:

-Crowds will probably be very high due to this being the first major holiday period for soft opening which will probably be announced well over social media and the whole west coast will know.  I would also expect Annual Pass preview options to take place during this time which will only increase attendance and decrease the land's availability.

-My only suggestion for getting to the park easily without a car would be to find a hotel along the Metro Red Line.  Since there is a station at Universal City, this would be the most ideal option since you could stay anywhere along the train line.  A word of advice...not the best neighborhoods follow this train line, but there is plenty of tourism which uses the train which offers safety when the platforms and tunnels are busy.  Don't travel late at night!  This may open hotel options for you closer to Downtown LA.  $1.75 per person each way.  $1 TAP card required per person on your first purchase.

-March can be very damp and cold...(although SoCal has only had about a total of 5 inches of rain in the last 2 years) I would expect possible rain and windy weather, but that is just a guess.

You could try this...