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The only thing that you can get with this special event that you can't on a normal operating day is live talks with cast.

Other than that it's a rip-off version of Star Wars Weekend. I'm sure sure people will pay though, especially if DHS takes away the nightly SW fireworks from day guests like I expect.
5 hours £129 for something that was included in the day price before, and this is in a park which should be currently closed in my eyes, daylight robbery now includes nighttime robbery,

Yeah count me out Disney (that's the polite version)
I figured out the new name for DHS. Disney's Hard-Ticket Adventure!! "Explore all the subpar ridiculously overpriced hard tickets all in one place!"

*Star Wars Land only open to hard ticket guests

*Only hard ticket guests permitted past the Starbucks

*No guarantee that anything extra will be included in the Hard Ticket besides cheap additions that took us minutes to develop

*All meet and greets are an extra cost
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They could easily make this something really special... but it sure doesn't look like they are. Extra characters around the parks is cute, but not $129 cute. They absolutely should do the Star Wars overlay on RnRC, they could do special shows on the Star Tours/Jedi Academy stage, they could bring back Raiders of the Lost Jedi Temple of Doom, they could have special games in Midway Mania, they could have a special script in the Great Movie Ride where Star Wars characters invade or something, there's a MILLION things they could relatively easily do to make this absolutely worth $129. But, nope, it's mostly all just stuff you used to be able to do for free.
If Universal is smart, they will avoid having more than a handful of special hard ticket events. That will serve to give Universal a glaring distinction between them & WDW in the public's perception. A great marketing ploy if used correctly. That will play well, over time, in Universal's favor.
4000 bloggers and 4000 SW fanbois all in one place at one time........... someone could do a "world" of good there.

Wonder how many comp tickets will be handed out?
Universal is effectively charging more for concert days. At least they give you the option to buy a pass that covers them tho. Disney sure is the best at marketing so little to do like it's a big deal.
This is how I feel about what Disney is trying to do.

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I clicked on Select Tickets and had to wait in line to just get to the ticket page. Not sure how common that is, but if that's any indication of its success, I can see them adding more dates soon.

Pretty sad that this is what it's come to. No way that's worth $129.