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This video should be included in any disciplinary methods towards lower lot employees. 

It really is the walk of shame. A brutal six minute walk of shame.

I'm not even going to post it on Facebook or Twitter because I know the video will get tremendous backlash.
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Anyone have any ideas on how to plus the Star Way beyond updating the audio? Would have to be something non distracting to not cause distractions while moving on the stairs.

I'd just remodel them and make them more modern. They scream 1990s haha. I'd also add a few more "prop stops" and photo opps on the different landings, similar to the Apollo 13 photo opp.
Try twice a day, five days a week and then we'll chat. ;)

Always sucks to hear BTTF right as you're getting off at the top =P

Honestly I think it needs to be changed already. It's very outdated. Just play film score the whole time!
I just love that. Makes me laugh. I can imagine regular StarWay music being played during HHN, and then it gets real. Lol
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I'm hearing there's a new soundtrack? YOU DONT UNDERSTAND HOW EXCITED I AM! (sorry for the caps) but can someone confirm/ deny this?