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Super Nintendo World - Hollywood (General Discussion)

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I don't think we'll get a Nintendo/Mario land at USH, just a few attractions or so. Lower Lot will definitely have some good plots of land available in the near future, but I personally would like to see it on the Upper Lot, since the upper lot has more of a whimsical and family-ish feel to it anyway already.
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An E-ticket and a mini-land (like SSFL) in the Lower-Lot would be ideal imo. You need something to cater to families down there. 
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I wouldn't be against it down there, there's space, I just sort of like how the Upper Lot is becoming a "Fantasyland" for USH.

The only way I see Nintendo going into the Upper Lot is by removing SES/AA.
Which is what I've suggested before.

An E-ticket and a mini-land (like SSFL) in the Lower-Lot would be ideal imo. You need something to cater to families down there.
I agree that it'd be nice. I was just commenting on how currently it seems split between Action Adventure on the lower lot, and Family Fantasy on the upper lot. But a Nintendo/Mario land downstairs would be nice.

I don't care where it goes, I just want it ASAP haha.
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I'd love to see some Pokemon related stuff (Pick your starter pokemon experience!) but I would expect it at Japan's park and possibly Orlando.
Oh, thats dissapointing. I can imagine it being more popular in Japan though... I wonder if we wont get at least one themed character here.
The only thing I could possibly see happening soon is Mario/ Luigi and Link as walk around characters. That's it. 
Knowing Nintendo and how protective they are of Their I.P there won't be any walkaround characters (maybe merch) unless there is a ride and/or land to anchor them. Think of J.K and Warner when it comes to Harry Potter but even more protective than that. I mentioned this in the other thread but Nintendo will make sure Universal delivers something amazing, which is why I doubt it will be simple rethemes or "kiddie" rides.
If Hollywood would theoretically get it around the same time as Japan and Orlando, do you think they would port the same experience to both coasts? If you knock down SS 16-20, 22-25, coupled with Stage 28 and part of the buildings in the Lower-lot that's around 6 acres of space. Wouldn't that put it slightly larger than Kidszone in Florida? (if they do tear that many SS down)
I think Sean (JungleSkip) said on the Parkscope podcast that it will spill into that plot of land but won't take over it entirely. I think the E-Ticket will be located in that area while the mini-lands will take up most of Kidszone. Kidszone is 4 acres of land while i believe (the IU crew might know more accurate numbers) we have 6 if all those SS come down. Same amount of land that our Wizarding World takes up. While it might not be as much as Orlando and Japan it's still a sizable plot. Will we get the same as them or something unique? So many questions... gahhh.