Super Nintendo World (Hollywood)

Apr 26, 2019
Yeah pretty sure permits/insurance for something like this would not allow for that to be the only way in and out of SNW. Looks like additional space for egress. It actually makes a lot of sense there, it could open things up nicely. Although it is wild to see just how close this land is going to get to Jurassic World. They’re really filling in all available space, so to speak.


Mar 5, 2019
Maybe it'll be an exit, like that path in Harry Potter that leads to the Studio Tour, with an additional, primary entrance elsewhere.
Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. I do like that side path in the Wizarding World. It's great if you just want to get to Forbidden Journey directly and avoid going through Springfield and Hogsmeade.

Fingers crossed that this new path provides a similar level of convenience and comfort as it's upper lot counterpart.


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Nov 23, 2013
Considering though that we've had people mention in the past here on IU if I'm not mistaken, that Mario Kart would include the likes of practical environments and effects, on-top of the usage of AR (if that actually goes through) and the LED screens for transitions.

I'd be more willing to have people correct my mistake, but I do recall certain posts in the past that have referenced that.


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Aug 7, 2018
I’m just curious when Universal is going to release more concept art for the ride, especially since it’s opening in less than 6 months or so at this point


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Aug 7, 2018
Japan, sorry maybe I should have posted in that thread but we were discussing the potential of Mario Kart here so didnt think it’d be that off topic. Spring opening in Japan, I’d presume around April which means about 6 months or so until it’s open. I’d presume some testing is being done currently, hoping we get leaks or official concept art.